2014-2015 BMW 320i / 328i M ? - Thoughts

Hi guys,

I am thinking to buy a BMW 3 M or Sport Line series 2014 or 2015 320i or 328i with hopefully less than 50,000km. The price is around $28k-30k.

Could you please share some tips and long term reviews with the car if you have one. Would you recommend this car or something similar around the same price range?
Also what sort of expense should I be looking at in terms of maintenance ? I know that European cars parts are generally more expansive but what sort of cost I will be looking at ?



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    So you are looking to buy a 320 or 328i with the ‘M Sport’ add on pack?

    (I know I am being a pedantic, but for some reason it grinds my gears when people say “I have a BMW 3 M” or “I have a Golf R line”)

    My suggestion , don’t go for a 320

    Second suggestion would then be to jump on a BMW forum and find out if any of the 328’s from that era had specific issues. Look out for said issues when inspecting cars

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      Or… “I have and AMG” and it’s the shitbox A200 with some stickers on it…

      I think OP means the M Sport. There is no way they would be getting a 2014 M3 for $30k and under 50k


      Not sure, just trying to get one or the other.
      I love the 328i M but i saw a very great priced 320i sport line.

      Why you said not to go with the 320i ?

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        BMW 320 and sport being used in the same sentence is hilarious.

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          It's funny because it has less power and only slightly more torque than my friends Elantra SR. And no one has called an Elantra a sports car.

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      Golf R or R line, it's still just a Golf.


        Big difference between the two.


          I agree with the base 3 Series and M3 comparison (roughly 100K difference, even with the BS add-on 'M Sport' packs), but Golf R is just barely 20K more than the run-of-the-mill Golf R Line.


            @ass3ts: I really don’t care to be honest mate.

            If that is the measuring tool you like to use, then more power to you

            But golfs start at $23k. Golf R is $60k plus.
            Yes, you can’t get the ‘R Line’ body kit on the trendline, but for a fair comparison I would compare a M3 with a 330i with a M pack. There is definitely not a $100k difference there.

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    Buy a near new Camry.

    Every single aspect will be better than a half a decade old BMW.


    Just out of warranty, there should be plenty available. 4~5 years seems like the average BMW ownership from new as a lot of them would be on lease plans or company exec vehicles.

    Just make sure you buy one with full service history. Make sure you keep up the servicing, but use a reputable BMW specialist and not a dealer, this will help keep the service costs down.

    Also, my suggestion, unless you are getting and absolute steal of a price, try and get it from a dealer. They usually pick the cars with full service history and low km’s. They will also offer a warranty, where private sale cars can be a tad expensive for what you are getting and will usually require a shit load of work (tyres, brakes, major service, etc), hence the reason they are selling it.

    BMW would be one of the few Euro manufactures that I would even consider buying. If they have been looked after, they are pretty reliable and nice vehicles to own. BMW have been making the 3 series for a long time, so you would hope that they are getting it somewhat right by now.

    If you want to know more about long term issues with these vehicles, just google search for forums like Bimmerpost and Bimmerfest and see what questions people are enquiring about in regards to issues they are having and how many people are saying “me too”.


      Thank you very much

      Yes I will be purchasing the car from a dealer as I will using the car as business car and I can claim the GST on it.
      Thanks for the tips


    30K on a 5 year old car is crazy to me.

    You can get a new car with 7 year warranty and all you have to worry about are petrol prices. Drive an old beamer and you're just one problem away from spending hundreds on repairs.

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    I would get a Lexus instead !

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    Would you recommend this car or something similar around the same price range?

    Only come here for recommendations if you're trying to decide between Camry, Corollas or certain Hyundais.

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    Avoid any 4 cylinder bmw.

    The 328 is a lovely car to drive, as any bmw is. BUT it has to be maintained, and regularly. Be prepared to spend around 2-3k per year on maintenance, over and above servicing.

    If you want hassle free driving, go something else. If you’re ok with maintaining a precision machine, they are unreal.

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    Why do you want one? Poser value?

    $30k buys a lot of car, but a lot less with a badge like BMW


    The BMW straight 6 is a great engine and will go forever. Mine is a 2011 125i and I know that I have been luckier than average, but since I bought it in August 2016 ($23k BMW dealer) I have only bought 4 new tyres, a 3rd brake light and a new battery (total $1500). Dealer servicing since then another $2000 (condition-based servicing, the key contains the diagnostic information so you could go 18+ months between services) .
    The paint quality compared to our 2016 Holden astra is noticeably better as well.
    I have set an arbitrary $5000 limit for major repairs, so if there is a single item that costs more than this I will sell it, otherwise I will keep it as long as I can. The problem is that it has pretty much ruined any other car for me.


      The BMW straight 6 is a great engine and will go forever.

      Interesting comment, considering neither 2014 or 2015 320i or 328i, nor 2011 125i have a "BMW straight 6" lol.

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        2011 125i is a straight 6.
        The e87/e88 is what I have, available in the following variants

        1.6-2.0 L N43/N45/N46 I4
        3.0 L N52 I6
        3.0 L N54/N55 turbo I6
        2.0 L M47/N47 turbo I4

        Mine is the 3rd one down. I6 is the configuration of the straight 6, "I" denotes a straight line as opposed to "V" in V6 engines where the cylinders are arranged in a v shape.


          No such thing as a 2011 125i 6cyl. You must have a leftover 2010 e87 model as they stopped production then. Probably registered in 2011 and you were told it's a 2011. Your VIN will confirm that I'm sure.

          Still funny that whatever you engine you have, regardless of above, has nothing to do with the models OP is considering.


    I got a 325ci can't imagine going I lower in power.


    I owned a 2012 320i sport line which I bought in 2014 from a small group dealer and I sold the car last month only. 5 years and drove 60k kms.
    No issues at all. One service a year.
    First few years I serviced at BMW, they charged around $550 per service.
    Then I started going to my local mechanic (Europcar specialist), he charged only $350 for the service.
    The front break pads were around $400.
    When buying from a bmw dealer, they won't give you a faulty car as they pride their reputation.
    The car would also come with statutory warranty. You can also get the extended warranty when purchasing from the dealer. I bought it but never used it. It was a racv product $2300 for 3 years.


    I have a 2012 328i (luxury line, not m-sport), bought 4 years ago. Couldn't be happier. Absolutely lovely car, awesome to drive. Well worth the money.

    Haven't had to spend much on it since either. Do most maintenance myself which helps, but isn't difficult. So far no major mechanical issues (touch wood!).

    Only suggestion would be to make sure you don't get one with halogen headlights. These things are pitiful. Only major complaint on the car.


    There's quite a few negative comments on here regarding buying an older BMW…

    Anyway, I have a 2013 328 M sport (which im selling soon only as I need a larger car with the second kid coming along..). I bought it with 35,000km on the clock and the only issue ive had is getting a puncture on the 19inch run flats…which cost an arm and a leg. I can't fault the car on this.
    Now it's up to 80,000km and it's an awesome drive.

    Servicing is what it is. nothing has gone wrong. things cost more than a camry on a european car.
    I love the drive.

    Pros: a lot of fun
    Cons: electronic log book only. Whilst most third parties can set the service intervals etc, they cant on the logbook.

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    I have a f30 320i M sport, absolutely love it, nothings gone wrong and its only gone through one service at a European car specialist at about $400. Don't ask for BMW advice at a bargain website, you'll get most (profanity) asking you to buy a camry.

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