Help Me Confirming The Garmin GPS Model Advertised in Different Names across Vendors

Hello experts,

I am planning to buy the Garmin GPS DriveSmart 6.95" and have been scratching my head to find the difference between the listings from different sellers.
The model I am after is the DriveSmart 6.95” with voice activation, WiFI, Bluetooth and Live traffic updates. The product code of the item is 010-02038-42 and is the same across all the below listings ( Garmin/JB/HN/Ryda) but the problem is JB and Harvey define them as MT-S not LMT-S (Lifetime Maps + Traffic + Smart). But Ryda’s descrption is same as Garmin so as the increased price.

Are they all same products or am I missing something? Please help!

Product listing as per Garmin site: ($329)

Ebay Ryda-Online 10% discount ( $271.60)

JB Deal: ($223.20)

HN Deal ($223.20)



    None of the 6.95" pages suggest it has lifetime maps, not even Garmin's website. Changing to 5" display size gives you 'LMT-S' but 6.95" doesn't.

    Since you have a phobia of spending money, do you really need a standalone GPS unit in this day and age? Smartphone apps have taken over daily use nowadays and apps like Waze are totally free and work very well. You also don't have to deal with Garmin's awful UI and colours.

    Also, for the 'Smart' enabled features, you need a smartphone connected to it anyway… What's the point?

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      Agreed, if you wanna spend money then upgrade car stereo to support Carplay/Android Auto


      Does Waze show the cars speed on iOS?


        Yes it does, live current speed and road speed limits with optional beep if you’re speeding.


      Thanks for pointing out that live update feature. I was bit deceived between the live traffic and lifetime update. The reasons I am inclined to get a dedicated GPS for navigation are the off-road capabilities and coverage in places like national parks and reserves as I do not have to rely on the network coverage. Will surely explore the other options!

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        If you’re serious about off-roading then HEMA Maps is the only real option to consider here. Not a Garmin/TomTom basic consumer unit. You can get standalone HEMA maps units or offline downloaded apps on smartphones too.


      is waze and google apps the same? i done quick search and it says waze is owned by google?

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        Google purchased Waze a while ago and has started to cross-share features between them. Waze is still superior as a stand-alone navigation app but Maps better to find something/read reviews. Waze also has slightly better privacy options to limit tracking.


    See if some entity can confirm via MAC address.

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