Proof Amazon Australia Third Party Seller Scams Are Growing (and I Still Haven't Got a Refund)

Not sure how many others have been ripped off but I've recently noticed a lot more scammy third-party sellers on

So I contacted a US firm called Marketplace Pulse and they've created a list of 36 sellers on Amazon Australia which have more than 50 per cent negative feedback. Thought it could be interesting reading for anyone still waiting to get their money back:

And if anyone has any tips on how to speed up the refund process, please let me know.

I'm out $905 on a Nikon Df camera that has never arrived. The tracking number was a fake China Post one. The seller falsely claims they've refunded me in gift cards, and Amazon is making me serve a series of waiting periods (three days after longest delivery date, two days for contact, 10 days for non-existent refund, 10 days for investigation and actual refund…).

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    Don't buy from third-party sellers on Amazon. Problem solved.

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      Correct. I have AAE. Amazing Amazon experience.

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      You can buy from third-party sellers, just use common sense
      Some store that's opened less than a month ago and has no feedback and selling super cheap? Must be legit!
      You wouldn't buy from an eBay seller which has 5 feedback, same applies to Amazon

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        Yea, fair point. If it's a couple dollars item that you're not going to cry over, then do so (or preferably buy it on eBay for the buyer protection).

        However, while I'm no camera expert, the Nikon Df mentioned appears to be $3,000-4,000 online. What did OP expect buying it for $900 off a random unknown third-party seller?

        The clickbait title of this post is just plain silly. There's no proof provided nor is it Amazon themselves whom are scamming.


          The Nikon camera in question has been discontinued and was sold direct from Amazon directly in its Boxing Day sale for $2k.

          I provided a list of 36 sellers with masses of negative feedback, in case you want to check them out, and I've recently seen four other stores on Amazon's platform that I suspect are scammers. Let me know if you want links.

          Never claimed Amazon was behind the scams but these companies are using Amazon's platform, and there's no way to even report them online. It takes a while for negative feedback to pile up.

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            The Nikon camera in question has been discontinued and was sold direct from Amazon directly in its Boxing Day sale for $2k

            $2,000 a month ago, you thought had dropped by more than half in a month? Cmon now

            This is why the best way of preventing people being scammed is to educate them, not to say who they shouldn't buy from but to show the warning signs.

            Dropping that kinda coin on a new seller should've raised red flags to anyone who knew how to avoid scammers.

            The scammers will create more accounts, but knowing what to look for and avoid is the key.


              @spackbace: I was merely trying to point out that it was a growing risk.

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                @jendn: A growing risk if you complete throw out common sense.


      what is a third party seller? and

      is there an easy way to identify if a seller is third party?


        It just means a seller that is using Amazon's platform rather than Amazon selling goods directly to consumers.

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    I only buy from Amazon or fulfilled by Amazon sellers. Never had any trouble.


    Things like that I would never buy online from overseas. Warranty and laws here in Australia are worth paying the extra premium. Also, if its good to be true it likely is.

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    I do not see any proof, i just see anecdotal evidence.


    Hmmmm. Nikon DF normally $3k+. You see it from a new seller on Amazon for $900 and think it'll be legit? Get a refund from Amazon or from your credit card company, it's honestly not that hard.


      Thanks kindly. I've tried both so far. It's been 14 days.

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        Yep, it takes time. If you can't afford to be without $900 for a couple of weeks, don't spend it on something that is priced way too low from a dodgy seller. You'll get your money back, it's a process.


          I'm honestly surprised at how much time, though. They could take tips from PayPal.

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            @jendn: They have to make sure you have a legitimate claim. PayPal are atrocious. Just took them over a month to give me $800 back from a guy on eBay paying me with his boss's credit card, which was then cancelled and had a chargeback made on it.

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    A valuable PSA. Thank you. I thought Amazon had more stringent standards, but it seems they'll let anyone sell through there

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      Thank you! I foolishly thought the same.

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    So many of these pointless threads.
    Just be patient.
    Going by what others have said you were expecting over 50% discount off an item that is not even that old.
    now you can’t be without the money…

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      You’re super aggressive about this and I’m not sure why. Thought this site was about bargains.