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[QLD] Clearance Level Closing Down 80-90% off + $1 Deals (Instore Only) @ Myer (Pacific Fair)


Closing down the clearance level at Pacific fair. Other clearance levels around the country. Not sure about the others but, Pacific Fair has four days left. Limited menswear, lot's of women's wear, kids clothing, footwear and random items. Lot's of $1 deals for the womenswear.

Example menswear:

St goliath tshirt: Was $25 now $2.50

Blaq Maroon Mens Chino was $39.95 now $3.95

Studio Italia suit jacket rrp $169 reduced to $70, then $16 or so. Two more racks of suit jackets and a few formal pants.

Mens Jack Stone etc (Myer brands) Pants 4xl - 6xl Approx $40 to now $8

Nana Judy Shirt M $40 to $8 + few more Nana judy shirts with marks

Also found random old macbook cover case was $60, now $5.60. Also had fitbit bands, stationary, some homewares and old sony and canon lithium batteries. Didn't look at Womenswear, but did see Kylie and Kendall womens shoes @ 80 - 90%. One of my items did not have a tag and they marked it down to $5 anyway. Seems like they want to clear everything.

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    Any store in NSW?


      not sure, might be worthwhile to ring.


      Penrith and Roselands had Clearance floors from memory, but not sure if they're closing them down there as well


      Roselands has a clearance floor.

      Ironically some of the junk upstairs is dearer than the new stock downstairs.


      Can confirm, the Roseland Clearance floor is closing down. Went there today.
      Mostly women's wear.
      1 rack of men's wear which were mostly damaged goods.
      Some intimate wear.
      Some women's shoes.
      $1 books.
      Not too much left. Probably only worth looking at if you are a female.

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    possibly Loganholme

    Umm that store is long gone already….


      my bad… asked someone there and they said there's eight others but obviously they forgot the ones that closed.

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    wonder what will replace the clearance floor? that area in Pac Fair is just dead space.

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    i was there Saturday and ended up buying few items. most of good items were gone.

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      Never had good items, nothing to do with the sale


      Can you let me know what kind of things were still available? Wondering if it's worth the trip

      Thanks :)

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        Mostly womens clothes, I'd say less than ten racks left of mens, kidswear, Footwear for kids and women only. Small sections of random homewares, stationary and books. This includes makeup and other accessories. There are $1 deals in Womenswear only. This included a rack of plain blue jeans and summer dresses.

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        I would say that it will be worth a trip if you need Size 16 and above in Women clothing.

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    put Myer out of their misery. shut the joint down completely.

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