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Lululemon - Sports Bras and Bralettes - $29.00 (Reduced from $85.00) - Free Shipping


It is not very common to see heavily reduced items from Lululemon but there are some good deals on some sports bras with decent sizes still available today.

Hold True in Black has all sizes available when I posted - reduced from $85.00.
*Hold True in Nude/Bronze had limited sizes available. *ETA - now only available in 36DD, 38D, 38DD

Awake to Lace is available in most sizes if you are not too concerned about colour - reduced from $99.00. *ETA - now only available in 32C, 32DD, 34C, 34D, 36C, 36D

Also available are a range of bralettes reduced from $49 - $65 depending on the style).

*Live in Lace
*Uncover Me
*Uncover Me
*Simply Strappy - limited sizes.
*XS Only - Simply Gathered

Sizes are pretty true to size in my experience. With the cup styles - you'll need to do a conversion (e.g. a 36DD is a 14DD).

Free Shipping. No Returns for change of mind/incorrect size.

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    What a bragain…

    • +2 votes

      I might be reading into this incorrectly but this reads a wee bit of sarcasm?

      If that is the case Jamesx I can assure you that $29 for a sports bra of high quality actually is a bargain. I can attest to the quality of these products, I've been using the sports bras five days a week for at least four years. My original ones are still going (admittedly more suited to yoga than HIIT nowadays).

      The fact it is from a brand that admittedly isn't known for it's bargains doesn't really change that.

      If I read this incorrectly and it is simply a typo - my apologies…

      • +7 votes

        I read it as sarcasm too, but I think it was just an attempt at a joke through the use of a pun.

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