Recommendations on Awesome Instant Ramen/Noodles?

I am so keen for someone to explain all the different instant ramen packages I see at the asian grocery shops and now also in Coles & Woolies! Can anyone offer any recommendations on ones that are especially good, and what to avoid?


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    Shin Ramyun - spicy, the noodle is quite thick, korean style
    Indomie goreng - I prefer the originial, Indonesian, noodle is thinner, so dont cook too long


      Shin Ramyun is my jam. Absolute gold.

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      I usually crack an egg into my Shim Ramyun when it's nearly done cooking. Gives it a different texture.




          Don't forget that slice of cheese!

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    Personal preference. The only way to know is to try them all.

    On recommendations, I bought this by mistake in the weekend.
    Turned out I liked it better than the normal Nong Shim Korean Noodles.
    If you like spicy instant noodles, I would recommend.

    The Ichiban branded ones were quite good too.


      So many preservatives


    Do you want soup, or dry ones?


      keen to try both!

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        Why don't you just try a selection…they don't cost much for 1 packet each…once you know which ones you like, then you can stock up.

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    Oh boy something I can really contribute to in the forums.

    Current favorites would be in no particular order:

    • Mama Tom Yum
    • Penang White Curry Mee
    • Indomie Migoreng
    • Indomie Hype Abis (spicy)
    • Shin Ramyun
    • Cup Noodles Chilli Crab

    As a broad overview, Korean instant noodles have one of the best noodle volumes and textures, Indomie (and other Indonesian instant noodles) give the best bang for your buck and overseas Maggie is leagues more interesting than the Aussie varieties.

    As for ones to avoid, the Chinese ones I've had have not been to my taste and will extend a word of caution for the extra spicy Korean noodles and some of the Indomie from Indonesia.

    I'm also love with fried onion, so I usually pick up a bag from the local asian grocer add a bit extra with my instant noodles.

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      Making me hungry!

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      Adding a fried egg or an egg in the soup whilst cooking (for the ones with broth) is also customary. You can add a number of things to make it a more substantial and flavoursome meal.

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        A knob of butter, maybe even a little miso paste if it’s a miso ramen, and an egg really make it epic.

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      If we're going deeper into things to add to your n00ds…

      When I have some frozen prawns I love to chuck them into my Mama Tom Yum.
      With the Penang White, the addition of a couple fish balls and fried tofu puffs.
      Asian veggies also work pretty well into these soups as well to get a fix of fiber, also there's nothing stopping you from adding a couple scoops of rice to wash down the carbs with some more carbs.

      Would love to hear if anybody else has some interesting ramen hacks

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      Learnt this from my friend somewhat recently

      At least with a maggi varieties, if you get a bowl, add your noodles and hot water, microwave for 2 mins.
      BOOM you got cooked noodles and that's why they're called "2 minute noodles"


        With Shin Ramyun I zap them for 2 mins, take it out and add an egg, and zap them for another minute.


    Samyang 2X Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen at woolies

    get the regular spicy or dont use the whole pack of red sauce if afraid of the heat

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    This might be a bit of blasphemy for some out there in the instant ramen community

    But I quite like using this

    In combination with this

    Makes quite a quick and delicious chicken ramen. You could go all out and add a egg, veges (bok choy, mushrooms, whatever is left in the fridge) and some leftover coles roast chicken

    Serve with a side of for some extra spicy goodness

    Otherwise, I big fan of Mama Tom Yum or a Indomee Mi Goreng with a fried egg and extra dried shallots.


      You’ve sold me! I have to try it one weekend ! Thanks


    I'll try to add noodles that others have not mentioned:

    Ibumie Har Mee - Spicy Prawn noddle soup
    Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La mian

    Korean stores normally have sliced pork or beef in the frozen section. Boil them or a quick pan fry to elevate your instant noodles. Personally prefer pan fry.

    Not for everyone, fish cakes, fish balls and tofu with mince meat stuffed in asian stores and you buy them by kg in frozen section. Again, great emergency food. All it takes is boiling them in hot water and they work well with soup or dry noddles.

    Before anyone complains that this is too much work for instant noodles and takes too much time. Cooking, cleaning and eating can be done in less than 30 mins while watching a show as long as you know how to multitask and wash as you go. It's way easier to wash the pots and pans while they are hot rather than soaking it in the sink where the oil goes everywhere.


      Some of the more extravagant/expensive ones have meat packets included!

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        I've had one with abalone included (A1 Abalone Instant Noodles) but unfortunately the portions for them are very small including the ones that comes with meats. When you bite the small little bits and you are like, "oh! I think I found the meat bit!" before staring into the bowl and wonder if you have hit rock bottom.

        Frozen hotpot material is generally not too expensive and fills the belly up better than another portion of noodles.

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    Indomie goreng is the market leader for ages in Indonesia, until Mie Sedap arrived. If you like fried onion, try Mie Sedap


    Indomie vs the world

    Ninja edit: Also worth to mention Trident Singapore noodles, Expensive but yum, made in Thai. Also there is the Chow Mien variant, but I just found out this one is made in China. :(


    I tried a whole heap like a dozen, hated most of them and I hate spicy stuff too. I do have a favourite I really like, but it looks like my husband ate them all so I have no idea what it was lol I just know it when I see it in the asian grocery store here.

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    These are some of the ones I eat regularly:
    * Nissin Big Cup Noodles Curry (Very hard to find and is very expensive)
    * Samyang Ramen / Spicy Chicken Roasted Noodles
    * MAGGI Fusian Noodle Cup Mi Goreng Hot & Spicy


      I found and tried the Nissin Big Cup Noodles Curry on the weekend! It was really goood! thanks for the rec


    Indomie Mi goreng is always great but hands down favourite is the Nissin cup noodle varieties.

    There are a great many flavours available like ordinary seafood, spicy seafood, chilli crab, laksa, black garlic etc. Can be found in your more multicultural area colesworths but asian grocers will carry a larger range.

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    Mi goreng/fried noodles and add phrik make it thai style to suite. 555

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    I find the Trident Hot and Spicy flavour the best. The texture of the noodles is different from the rest. Only seem to be sold in Woolworths now.


    Shin ramen for sure! It's a bit spicy but worth the pain. If you're really good at spice and want a dry noodle I'd get the Samyang carbonara noodles- you can get them at asian grocery stores and even woolworths.


    I went to an Asian Store last weekend looking to up my game in the noodle department.

    - less salt
    - don't need to use 2 packets to fill up tummy
    - more protein

    I came out with
    - dried egg noodles
    - packet of dried shitaki mushrooms
    - some chicken stock powder

    and the vague idea to bulk it up with flavoured tuna, egg or random meat

    Anyone have ideas around this please?

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      Look up Adam Liaw's noodle sauce recipe.

      Make a batch and keep a jar of it in the fridge. The next time you make the dried egg noodles, add 1-2 tablespoon and some sesame oil, mix noodles well and you have a nice plate of dried egg noodles. Add your choice of tuna, supermarket roast chicken, etc. The possibility is endless.


        love your work @uncompressed !

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    Thanks for all your suggestions!

    Last question, is anyone aware of any questionable ingredients I should avoid in particular? I assume that instant ramen is probably some of the most consumed highly processed food and different countries have different rules when it comes to harmful ingredients.
    Just wondering :)





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        Says whom? While controversial, it's deemed safe by almost everyone as there's no evidence otherwise.

        Samyang is the best brand I've had so far. Their spicy flavours are unique and unmatched.


          The other people.

          Something something like hair loss, impotency, etc they said.
          Or maybe it just happen to Japanese people?

          Everything is bad, just eat moderately.

          FYI, I like MSG. Yuuuum…


    Like many others here, love Shin Ramyun and Indomie. For the Shin, I usually add a mix of veg - eg broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, frozen corn - and either leftover bbq chicken or poach an egg in it. I justify it as being reasonably healthy due to the large amount of veg in use.

    I did try the Samyung spicy one and it's nice, though I thought you were meant to fry it after booking, like Indomie, and a lot stuck to the pan.

    Prefer the soup based noodles as they're more filling.

    When some Korean neighbours left a few years ago, they have us some stuff while moving out, including some instant noodle packs that had thick white noodles in a vacuum pack with a pack of black bean sauce which had some veggies in it, they were delicious, but don't know which brand it was.


    Aldi brand are good and a pack of 5 are about ~$1.20.