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Sunbeam VS4500 FoodSaver Lock and Seal Vacuum Sealer $89.99 (Was $119.99) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Part of 'Amazon Lightning Deals' ends at 10pm or when sold out. Did a quick search and selling for $119.99 elsewhere. Don't forget cashback for further savings

The most compact FoodSaver roll machine, with an easy to use one touch locking lever and one touch Seal or Vacuum Seal button control. Also includes an accessory hose adaptor so you can also use to vacuum seal FoodSaver containers and FoodSaver zipper bags.

  • Using a patented vacuum packaging system, the FoodSaver removes air from specially designed bags, to create a commercial quality vacuum
  • Simply fill bag. Turn the lever to lock the lid. Press Seal or Vac Seal button to activate vacuum and sealing process
  • Pack includes accessory adaptor hose for use with FoodSaver containers and zipper bags, a 28cm roll, 5 pre-cut bags, 5 reusable zipper bags
  • Operating voltage of the product is 240

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    What do you guys use this for? Mainly freezing items?

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      and sous vide


      Camp food. Cook extras with usual dinners etc for a week or whatever at home, freeze meals and reheat in the bag. Makes for easy camp meals if you have a 12v fridge freezer, and makes packing the freezer easy.

      But this one is low end, and reviews arent flash.


        Do you also dehydrate the camp food?


          No. Just freeze it like what it is, left overs. Then reheat in boiling water and eat out of the bag. I wouldnt do steak and chips etc, but casseroles, spag bol, lasagne, stews, curry…


      If I buy a block of cheese but only use it sparingly, I store it between (long) uses in one of the resealable vacuum bags that come with it. It's like a ziplock bag with a vacuum port. The FoodSaver comes with a short hose and attachment that's used with it.

      I paid $85 at TGG last month.


      I have had the Aldi one of these for a few years. (edit: quite happy with it)
      Very useful for leftovers to use later or for camp food as Tuba mentioned. They pack flat and dense too.
      Steaks if you buy a big chunk of meat, slice and vac in steak size portions to freeze.
      Defrosting is super quick and easy, just drop the bag into water.
      Also to package already dry foods (like fruit and jerky).

      I have also used these for parts bags (eg. easy to loose parts to store in car/boat), also protects from salt spray.
      Also pre-tied fishing rigs.

      You are basically using more plastic around everything, so keep in mind that many items you receive already will be packaged the same, and that plastic can be cut open and re-sealed multiple times (for the non food type uses).


    KFC 24 nuggets for $10 deals - vacuum seal, freeze and forever have delicious snack packs at your fingertips!
    Don't knock it until you try it!

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    I started with a Sunbeam for sous vide use but it sucked (pun not intended)… It gives no control over the vacuum and just seals the bag when it feels like, which is often when there's still a ton of air in the bag. Also if there's any molecules of liquid where the seal is, it often won't seal.

    I upgraded to an Anova unit and have never looked back. Has a seperate vacuum button, so can vacuum as long as you like while massaging the air out. It also seals muuuch better, even if there's some liquid, you can actually hear a sizzling sound with the Anova as it vaporises the liquid away. Would honestly choose the Anova over the Sunbeam at twice its price.



    I have the smaller Foodsaver version with the ziplock bags- these are only for short term storage i.e. a week or so. I used it to vacuum seal some hops (for beer), looked good at the start, but then it decompressed within a month, ruining my hops at the same time.


    Alright I guess !

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      Bit expensive, but these are great.
      Double sealer, liquid and soft food setting, pulse to extract more air. Well worth the money if you buy meat in bulk and freeze.

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