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Hoegaarden Bottles 24pk $48.45, Leffe Blonde 24pk $68 Delivered @ CUB eBay


Some nice deals on Wheat beer via eBay.

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    Cheers OP. Love both the Leffe Blonde as well as the Hoogarden which I am nearly out of from last CUB ebay deal.

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      Me too… love them both. Well… used to.
      Why do they taste so crap now? Something aint right with em. Been like that for years now here in Perth.

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        Interesting. Have you checked to see if the Hoogarden sold there is the variety made in Belgium as some now I think are brewed under licence elsewhere ( similar brew but never the same ).

        Also the temperature it's stored and B/B date can change the flavor too.

        One other thing to consider too is as we get older or change eating/drinking styles our taste as well as our physical taste buds change over the years, no saying this is the case here with you, but something to keep in mind lol.


          It could be that it's brewed under licence but I never checked, normally I would but didn't know they are doing it.
          Can never trust Dans etc on storage. I've seen deliveries sitting in the hot sun for way too long at some.
          My taste has definitely changed, I whinge alot more about how beer tastes these days lol

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    Hoegarden is really nice beer.
    Very good combination of Corriandor and Orange peel flavour.
    People fond of a hint of sweetness in the beer will definitely enjoy this beer.
    Bitter beer lovers will appreciate the flavour.