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Standing Desk Mats $39 + Free Shipping @ Ausergo


The Standsoft is our best selling mat and the perfect firmness for an anti fatigue mat. On sale for $39 (normal price $89). Enter the code JAN50 at checkout to claim the $50 discount.

(https://www.ausergo.com.au/products/anti-fatigue-mat) 70 available

Other sale items:

~$20 off (use code JAN20). Includes free shipping

Arise Deskalator (https://www.ausergo.com.au/products/arise-deskalator)
Conset 501-33 Sit Stand Desk (https://www.ausergo.com.au/collections/dual-leg-sit-stand-de...)
Conset 501-33 Sit Stand Desk Frame (https://www.ausergo.com.au/collections/dual-leg-sit-stand-de...)

~$100 off (use code JAN100). These products already recently reduced and added to free metro shipping range.

Conset 501-43 Desk (https://www.ausergo.com.au/products/conset-501-43-electric-s...)
Conset 501-43 Desk Frame (https://www.ausergo.com.au/products/conset-501-43-electric-s...)
Conset 501-49 Desk (https://www.ausergo.com.au/collections/dual-leg-sit-stand-de...)
Conset 501-49 Desk Frame (https://www.ausergo.com.au/collections/dual-leg-sit-stand-de...)

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  • +3 votes

    Got one last year during black Friday sale I believe. Great mat and really does help with fatigue while standing. Only downside was the slightly greasy feel to it when I first got it.

  • +1 vote

    Thanks, just ordered one.

  • +1 vote

    Wow literally decided to search for a standing mat and this deal came up. what a coincidence


    hey OP any deals on footrests ?


    Bought one from office works after I had been using just a yoga mat that I had and standing mat is 100% worth it. I just went down to my local officeworks and got one.

  • +1 vote

    i have one of these for the area in front of the kitchen sink

  • +1 vote

    Got a standing desk recently so this is great timing cheers


    Hey rep, standing mat is OOS. Are you planning to get anymore in?


      Hi keithality,

      Thanks for your interest. We should hopefully be getting some more stock in the next few weeks. The page will be updated automatically so check in around mid February.


        Presume the code won't be working by then though??


          That's correct, the next batch won't immediately be on sale. The sales do come up fairly frequently, and when they do we always post them on Ozbargain so keep a close eye out!


    There some oily residue on the mat which is making the floor slippery.
    How to best clean it?


      Hi congo,

      Occasionally the mats do have some residue left over from the manufacturing process. The best way to clean it is just with spray and wipe, or any kind of dishwashing detergent.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions!

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