Cleaning Sony WH-1000xm3 Headphones

Hi Ozbargainers,

I have been eyeing on the Sony Wh-1000xm3 for quite some time now and have decided to get them next week. However, I’ve read a comment under a deal that their ear pads are not user-replaceable so I would like to ask:
1. What’s the most efficient way of cleaning these headphones as I plan to keep them for a long period of time
2. If there are replacement ear pads and you are currently using them, could you please recommend any?

Huge thanks to anyone who could help!



  • Cleaning them I just use a glasses wipes (as we have a huge Costco box). I would not use it on the leather bit - damp cloth only or baby wipe.

    You can buy third party replacements

    Annoying you cant get them from Sony as a part

    • Thanks a lot for the suggestions and link for those replacement pads. Cheers! Yes, it is annoying that Sony can’t provide those pads :(

  • Not really a big issue unless you spill something on it.

    Just use wipes or a damp cloth. I wouldn't do it often though.

  • I've got some disinfectant wipes that I've used on the ear pads about half a dozen times or so, it hasn't made them deteriorate yet. Mine do get a bit of sweat on them when I use them when gardening, walking the dog etc. I also leave them out of the case to air them out.

    • Seems like most people recommend disinfectant wipes so Il will definitely get them ASAP. It’s probably best for me to follow your suggestion of airing them out too. Thanks :)

  • The pads are replaceable but are a pain. They are held in with clips so you will need to take care when replacing them. Ear pads cost around $33

    • Pretty expensive for ear pads too ngl. I’ll probably follow the suggestions above and clean them using wipes and a damp cloth until they are really damaged I guess. Anyways, thanks a lot :)

  • So using wipes once a week should be plenty right , just got a pair . Dont want to overdo it . Cheers !!!.