Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse for Travel?

I'm looking at getting a great travel mouse (mainly for uni and editing) and have noticed that the Anywhere 2S seems to be people's go-to.

How would the Logitech MX Master 3 fare up with travel? Has anyone had any issues with it on the road?


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    If you're comfortable with the size of the MX Master 3 for travel then go nuts. It will hold up just fine.

    Personally i'd go the 2S. I've got both and they are both great mice, but the 2S is much more portable and you'll find you adjust to the smaller size easily.


      I mean it's not so much the size, it's more about both convenience and the MX 3 not having much cases from what I've seen. People seem to mention shockproof and terms like that which are a bit off putting.

      The 2S does seem better from a travel standpoint. Thanks for your response!

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    I can't stand the smaller 'travel' mice, the MX Master is a chunky mouse though, stuffing it in a bag just takes physical space, I haven't had any durability issues.


      I ended up getting both because I couldn't decide (necessity). I think I'll keep the MX at home because of the size, but I was a bit surprised with it as it's not as heavy as I thought! I'm having some bluetooth connectivity issues with both mice though which I'm going to try and fix. The USB receiver is working though.

      Thanks for your response btw! Hopefully I won't have the same durability issues! Do you know of any good cases worth buying or do you reckon they're not worth it?


        I haven't needed a case, depending on how I'm travelling it just goes into whatever bag I have or wrapped up in some clothes.


    The Anywhere is bad mouse IMO. I have an Anywhere 2 but I believe here's been an update to this.

    Poor performance over different surfaces (not great for travelling), the scroll wheel is awful and it's too small. The loss of space when replacing it with something else is trivial.


      Hmm interesting. I mean it feels nice and compact from my first impressions now that I have it, but I'll keep your points in mind if I have any issues over the course of the warranty :)

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