[NSW] Recommendations for a Good Roof Leak Fixer

Hi, after the rain in Sydney tonight we found a few leaks in ou granny flat in Bankstown, NSW.

I am just wondering if anyone had a good experience with any roof fixer near the area to recommend?

I tried productreview and a few other review site but there is either not enough review or bad review.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort in this matter.

I will try to answer your replies but I am also in the black out as well so …


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    Maybe see who goes out to fix the roof at the WIN Entertainment Centre.


    roof leak fixer

    You need a plumber. Probably best to go on Hipages or Serviceseeking to get a quote.


      can I ask why plumber can fix the roof?


        There are roofing plumbers that specialise in gutters, drains, downpipes, etc.

        Honestly finding a leak isn’t that difficult. Get into the roof and follow the water - that can then guide your next steps, whether its replacing a tile, metal sheets, or whatever. Plenty of roofing specialists in your local paper if you can’t do it yourself.


          since the leak seem severe. I kinda assume the it's going to require more than patch job.

          you had good experience with the roofing contractor from the local classifieds ?


            @Sortale: I called three or four for quotes and you learn to get a feel for tradies after a while. You can still always go wrong, beat you do is get a few free quotes then roll the dice and hopefully you get lucky.


              @Halo375: thank you for the reply, I'll probably do as you said.


    Contact your insurer


      I only just bought the house so I didn't use the insurance yet. I thought you had to repair first then claim it with them. you had good experience with leaving it with your insurance ?


        Do you mean you have home insurance or not?

        I would definitely contact my insurer in the first instance.

        If you don't have insurance then look to secure your property from further damage due to any inclement weather. If you google roofing repairs, you should be able to locate companies that service your area.


          I have home insurance, but nothing seems broken so far. haven't checked the crawl space through. I'll see to it tomorrow morning.

          I found a few companies but none has a lot of reviews. just wondering if others here had experiences with any.

          regardless, thank you for your assistance


        Your insurance company will organise for someone to come out and assess the damage.
        If it's going to be an expensive fix, pay the excess and let insurance handle it. Otherwise organise it yourself.

        Are you able to get into the attic through the celing? Can you assess the damage? If it's an easy fix, try and do it yourself.

        Something like Dow Corning 791 could do the trick. Alternatively, could be more involved like @Halo375 mentioned. I.e. replace tile/s or metal sheets.


        No, you must always contact them before repairing, otherwise they might decline your claim.

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    Go to Bunnings and buy a tin of bitumen rubber filler


    What sort of roof is it? Fairly important info to recommend a trade.


      Metal roof


    Hi Sortale, how did it go with locating a reputable roof repair contractor?
    I also have a leaking metal roof (3 separate skylights and in the alfresco) and am searching for a reputable roof repair contractor in near Strathfield, NSW.


      Based on my personal experience you should get as many quotes from as many tradies as possible, most won't come, some will come and say will give you a quote later, then ghost you, only a few would actually follow through.

      Also make sure to haggle, the material cost usually amount to 50% of the quote price, you should haggle down the price at least 10% and if you are like extremely good, I assume you can haggle down 25%. [Number is based on my assumption, not certain to be true]

      find contractors by googling "Roof plumber" or "roof contractor", ("Jim's roofing" have good reviews but I was not in their service area.)
      check local newspaper, yellow pages
      or post on one of these comparison websites.

      Remember to check the tradesperson licence here: (got one come in with a painter licence, seriously)

      Since I need the fix at a really bad time, I couldn't get a lot of quotes. Ultimately went with this tradie:

      on time, explained well, reasonably priced, lowest deposit, no leak yet after the jobs (7 years warranty apparently), I am very happy with his service.

      As an aside, I heard a rumor that during the time when I tried to fix my roof there was a conspiracy to raise price of roof fixing due to the heavy rain causing many problems. Not sure if true though.


    These guys have been awesome for me, fixing various issues over multiple occasions with tiled and tin parts of my roof. Free quotes.


    They are busy at the moment following the big storms a month or so ago - lots of people out there looking to get leaks fixed.