Looking for SIM deal and travel adapter for my holiday to Japan.

Going to Japan in a few weeks. Going for 8 Days and need 4 or more USB ports. Any recommendations?


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    This is the 10 day version of the one I got.
    It's ok price but has 10GB data with 3G after that. I picked this as most have daily caps of like 200MB (most are ' unlimited ' with tiny daily caps). Good for high usage days and not having to contend with throttling, just don't watch too many YouTube videos.

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    I travelled to Singapore / Malaysia for 10 days and bought the sim from this guy on ebay, I haven't use the Japan SIM before but you might be interested. The Japan SIM link is:


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    Standard travel adapter + power board + as many of your own chargers as you want

    • all my powerboards are 3 slot.
      that means it has 3 prongs

      most japanese power points are 2 slot

      how do you make this work?

      • Single adapter into the wall and then your power board from home Into the adapter.. that way you don't need an adapter for every charger.

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    Try the OZbargain Poll from 2018


    Personally, I usually use Bmobile.

    Not sure if there's a newer one

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    I used Optus $20 data roaming add-on, gives you 10GB for 14 days. It was reliable and fast in Tokyo and Osaka.
    Few notes tho, i learnt these the hard way and thought might save anyone from headache:
    - make sure MyOptus app is downloaded on your phone
    - ask for sim cards from Optus store or buy $2 sim cards from supermarket, do not buy $20 recharge voucher from them. The add on can only be purchased online or via MyOptus app once the cards are activated (registered with a number).
    - one person (or a credit/debit card) can only purchase two add-ons for TWO sim cards. The bank/card issuer will block the third add-on transaction, making the sim card useless as the sim card blocked from the future transaction as well (recharge, etc).
    - if you can arrive earlier, ask for free a sim card or two from Optus store at the airport and ask them to help you activate them (Sydney Kingsford Optus is very helpful and willing to do it, not sure other airports). Once activated, use optus app to purchase the add-on.

    If you're traveling with a group of 3 or more, i would suggest to register the sim cards and add add-ons separately using different credit cards and emails/name (refer to point 2).

    • Can we buy the $20 data roaming without recharging at all? So total will be $20 (add-on data roaming) plus $2 sim card?