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ExpressVPN 12 Months + 3 Months Free + 49% off $99.95USD ($152.08 AUD) @ Express VPN (New Customers Only)


Was looking for a VPN and heard express VPN was the best and with their 30 money back i thought i'd give it a go.

Current deal is $99.95USD, roughly $152AUD for 12 months and get 3 months for free. I also used a referral and got another 30 days free. So pretty much $152AUD a year or $9.05AUD a month for 16 month.

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    So expensive but I use these guys running 24/7 on two PCs because they offer split tunnelling and they are fast with a local servers.

    Nice knowing all you browsing is private, though drains my phone battery too quickly to use 24/7 on the phone though which is a shame.

    • -2 votes

      I Don't get it, if someone wants to waste their time checking what I browse I really don't care.

      However for US netflix, less legit downloads etc makes completely sense to me, there is no alternative and you get value back.


        People dont physically check what you browse. Bots do that, then they translate any relevant data and sell it.

        • -2 votes

          I hate to break it to you, you’re browsing habits aren’t that interesting.

          But worse, you are trusting some unknown company with all your internet habits.
          It’s actually quite unsafe.

          • +4 votes

            @supabrudda: I don't think you understand how VPNs work.


            That vs having all your metadata stored for years by the government and sold by ISP to advirtisers and other snoops.

            Besides that's it's only one use of a VPN, one I mentioned as many VPNs are to slow to use 24/7 or don't have split tunnelling so put traffic you don't want over the VPN making it inconvenient.

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              I don't think you understand how VPNs work

              Oh i do. Which is why I'm puzzled why anyone would funnel all their traffic through an unknown entity with no way of knowing whether your data is safe & private and no legal repercussions if they don't keep your data safe.what happens if they get compromised? All your data belongs to us. Will they tell you? Ask NordVPN customers.

              Saying they don't keep logs? Absolute BS, you can't run a server without keeping logs. So they're already lying to you.

              That vs having all your metadata stored for years by the government and sold by ISP to advirtisers and other snoops.

              With or without a VPN you'll be tracked.

              And which Australian ISPs sell your data?

              And the govt doesn't mandate ISPs to track your web usage here's an article which explains what they do & don't keep.


              VPNs have their place, but your a goose if you trust them with you sensitive data.

              • +2 votes

                @supabrudda: You didn't even read the link which explains what is logged and isn't logged.

                "I'm puzzled" is certainly a good description of your understanding of the situation.


                  @noise36: Ahh it's written on the internet, it must be true logic

                  You're a goose, but that's your choice, hopefully other's aren't so foolish as to hook a VPN up permanently believing it makes them safe.

                  But lets continue to play the it's on the internet, so it must be true game

                  Here's an article which explains Express VPN's history as Hong Kong origins and how they're possibly/probably still owned & run from HK, thus subject to Chinese Govt laws.

                  The really is unless they actually own & manage their own servers, own & manage the data centres that all the Servers are located. Then they can't guarantee that their service is secure. Once someone has physical access to a server, it's all over red rover.

                  That's assuming they're not dodgey themselves in the first place. Something you or I have no idea about. Personally I suspect a lot of the larger VPN companies are run by govt security agencies or have links to them.

                  • +2 votes

                    @supabrudda: So name calling, straw man arguments and conspiracy theories vs evidenced facts?

                  • -1 vote

                    @supabrudda: As of right now, I agree that VPN for anything other than country bypass is more of a dangerous gamble in Australia. I'm not convinced a VPN is worth the cost as of yet, with the few activities I might not want 'monitored' a free yet slow vpn is fine.

                    People worried about being tracked and data sold to advertisers to target you? I only see benefits from this. The ads are their regardless, better they be a constant reminder of what you want than random generic shit that gets delivered to 'untracked people'.

                    Bullshitting about privacy while collecting sensitive data from thousands of people seems like a decent scam. Collect for a couple years, then sell out. I'll trust my isp work my data before any vpn.


        Agreed, but there’s much cheaper alternatives.


    So for some reason, they just refunded $8.32 USD to my PayPal O.o.. Well even better for me i guess lol


    new customers only :(


    So pretty much $152AUD a year or $9.05AUD a month for 16 month.

    Did you mean $9.50 a month?



    Anyone seen any good discounts for Premium Windscribe lately? I've been using the free version for a few weeks and it seems ok…

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    Was looking for a VPN and heard express VPN was the best

    It seems they pay a lot of content marketers and blog spammers to say this. Apparently NordVPN does as well.

    My research mostly pointed to Mullvad as being the best for privacy-conscious people. It's also not this expensive, even with this "sale", which seems to be the price people online always say it costs them.

    I'm happy to be corrected in any of this. It's hard to know the truth in the shady world of VPN marketing.



      I’ve tried a bunch of VPNs and ExpressVPN is by far the fastest provider. NordVPN was a joke compared to it. They’re also very good for geo blocked streaming services, almost all of them can be viewed through Express and since the performance is so good there’s rarely any buffering. Express has also had an incident where servers were seized and no data could be found, so that’s assuring for privacy.

      That being said they lack features like port forwarding which is disappointing considering how much they charge. Their client is also apparently wonky and may disconnect without telling you on Linux (although you should be using OpenVPN if you want privacy anyway).

      With Express you’ll basically be paying for speeds over anything else.


        PIA and Mullvad both always max out my NBN connection so I'm not too bothered about speed. Mullvad supports WireGuard so you don't need OpenVPN. Mullvad doesn't even ask for your email address, or any identifying information whatsoever, so even if they did keep logs on you there's nothing they know about you other than, I guess, your IP address.


          I was talking about connections to overseas servers. Most VPN providers do well with Sydney servers but everyone struggles with connections to servers outside Australia.

          And I'm aware that Mullvad is good. I use them too.



            I was talking about connections to overseas servers.

            I guess I was too since I don't think I've ever used an Australian server. I usually use European servers.


        A couple years ago I used NordVPN for an extended stay in china. It was great.

        About 4 months ago I used it again for another China trip… Absolute garbage, pretty useless.

        Something changed

    • +1 vote

      Nord VPN had privacy breached from what i remembered so definitely not nordvpn


      My research mostly pointed to Mullvad as being the best for privacy-conscious people.

      does it do cascade or split tunneling?

  • +2 votes

    This isn't a deal, this is there always deal for new customers, Express is a rip off and run by a Chinese company. I would stay away, just use Mullvad or Proton.


      Agree that this is a “normal” price for new customers. However, having used all 3 providers you mentioned above, ExpressVPN still provides the best support and Netflix coverage.


    just get windscribe it's free lol


    For people like me who don't care about data or privacy…what's the best option for getting around geo-blocking? Currently use expressVPN, and while it's fine it's a bit pricey for just that.


      I ended up signing up to surfshark : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/516838
      gonna keep them both to see which one to keep at the end of 25 days


      NordVPN and Windscribe worked ok when I've tried them. Wait for a NordVPN 3 year cashback deal, you can get it for around $20 after the cashback is claimed. Windscribe also runs promotions from time to time, and also have a free tier. They'll work ok, but will be noticeably slower than ExpressVPN.

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