Budget Gaming Mouse

The Kogan Full RGB Mechanical Keyboard seems to be a favourite on OzBargain… is there a favourite budget gaming mouse to go with it? All the deals cost way more than the keyboard lol. Any of the Kogan ones decent?


  • Depends on what types of games you play, your hand size, grip style, etc.

    • FPS games like CS:GO, hand size: medium, grip by fingers. What do you suggest?

  • Tecknet Raptor

  • Razer Deathadder essential.


    • Where do you even find the Deathadder at that price? I've been seeing ~$60 for em.

  • -1

    before gaming mice existed, pros just used regular mice, eg quake pros used microsoft intellimouse, starcraft pros used $10 logitech mice etc

    there isn't much of a difference as you can overclock just about any mice to 500-1000hz manually via software(standard is 128hz which is low), if you want budget do a search on aliexpress

  • What about lefties?. A quality gaming mouse for people like me.

  • This the best mouse review site to look at:

    You can scroll down to the table and sort/filter by whatever your needs are.

    They rate this mouse as the best budget model:

    Available for ~$50 from Amazon:

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