GP Declining to Treat Unmasked Patient?

A colleague of mine has been asked to leave by the GP simply because she's not wearing a mask. When confronted, the GP's reasoning was simply a precautionary measure and asked to come back when she's ready.

She was absolutely gobsmacked.

What kind of world do we live in right now when a GP refused to treat an ill patient?

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    • yellow fever!

  • is this the same friend that just came back from Shanghai?
    and she has severe sore throat?

    • no; is she from Wuhan? no; folks, let's not steer this discussion into racial ones

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        Who asked anything about race? She could be a ginger from Timbuktu back from a vacation for all the difference it makes.

        • OP is a troll clearly.

    • is this the same friend that just came back from Shanghai?

      Are you referring to my friend of friend?

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    another fantasy story.

  • yes …. and she refused to wear them …. …

    So freaken hard to follow a simple request/rules in todays world

  • So which GP handing out free masks? It's climbing to $15 a pop now, bargain!

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    • Wow. An actual reference to information, instead of hand-waving speculation about people's motives. On Ozbargain no less. I'm gobsmacked.

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        Yep lol.. they also recommend calling ahead so they can take precautions

        • I'm sure someone will find a way to say that's racist too. Heaven forbid a doctor want to prevent the spread of a disease and take care of themself!

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    OP is troll, another fictional post to garner attention

  • Why didn't they sell masks?

  • Friend goes to GP - Right

    GP as per symptoms and precaution offers mask - right

    Your friend refuses to wear a mask - wow

    Expectation is everyone should get infected in case she has infection? - is it?

    Thank you GP for taking care of rest of the people around you and yourself as well.

  • I went to a massage parlour in Thailand. I was told to wear disposable undies but I refused due to personal preference. A cute masseur declined to treat me.

  • can we get an MSpaint diagram showing the proximity to GP and other patients and the general layout of the waiting room? this might help your arguments

  • Outrageous!

    Escalate to ozbargain forum ombudsman

  • A doctor asking someone to wear a mask when they are sick and refusing to treat them if they won't heed advice that could endanger that doctor is not racism. Period.

    I have seen a huge increase in racism lately, especially online. I was recently told "If you don't like it, find the nearest airport". Despite my surname I was born here so my response was "You're a generation too late, buddy." Haven't experienced that level of racism since primary school in the 80s.

    However this topic has nothing to do with racism. I have no idea why this topic is even being discussed. Crying racist in this instance is crying wolf.

  • The GP could also be protecting future patients … Viruses can live for days on surfaces so if your colleague went into the waiting room coughing influenza viruses or coronaviruses it will spread. Most doctors (the ones I see that deal with compromised immune systems) will provide masks or prepare for your visit beforehand. If your at risk and potentially going to give to Dr he/she will spread it to patients up to 2 weeks before symptoms/

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    OP is a troll

    to me it sounds like she refused to wear it and with all the negs OP is now changing story…oo la la , doesn't like to be proven incorrect on internet forum sites.

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    We live in a world in which people are so (profanity) that we can't distinguish between a troll (or sarcasm) and a legitimate question anymore.

    Let's vote between:

    1. The situation actually happened. OP's colleague refused to wear a mask and OP is here being sarcastic.
    2. The situation actually happened and OP believes the GP should have accepted seeing his colleague without a mask.
    3. The situation hasn't actually happened and OP couldn't find anything better to do with his time.

    I hope 1 is the answer, otherwise that's just another sad event…

  • The bottom line is your "friend" had symptoms to be concerned about.

    • Wear the mask
    • Get treated or diagnosed
    • Leave
    • Be happy

    I don't see how this is complicated

    Putting on a mask for 1 hour isn't going to do any harm to you.

    Are people just getting dumber by the second?

  • What reason did she give for refusing to wear the mask?

  • Don't feed the troll guys

  • This thread is going no where. Comments are closed, thanks.

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