Belong Broadband Delayed Order Compensation

We have just moved in to a new house and are surviving on mobile data. I ordered the belong 30MBps 12 month package that was expected to be connected Wednesday 5th, along with a free modem. They sent me a email stating that the order will be delayed due to IT issues impacting their delivery and therefore the modem will not arrive till next week. This is unfortunate as I am commencing uni and of course the internet is essential as I live far from campus. I am told I won't be billed until the service starts working but I feel I should ask for some sort of compensation for this delay. I am wondering what sort of compensation is reasonable for such events. Any advice or tips are appreciated :)


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    Sorry, but I'm not sure what kind of compensation you were expecting. These sorts of things happen all the time. You can ask for compensation but I'm not sure how far you are going to get.

    Let's say you are catching a bus into town and the bus breaks down. Everyone zaps off and waits for another bus which unfortunately is half an hour away. They'd probably let you just jump on the bus for free due to the inconvenience. Thing is, you have a test which starts in half an hour and can't wait. What would you do? You'd call a taxi/uber and get there however you can. Are you going to try to get compensation from the bus company? I don't think many people would try to get compensation.

    It would probably cost more in wasted time to get the compensation than to just pay for the extra data you would need. By all means, give them a call but I wouldn't stress a lot about it.

    • How is it that Japan with its much larger population has timetable accuracy to within a minute but we don't?

      • That may be true, but "things" happen all the time and you need to find alternatives. You don't try to get compensation from Japan Railway.

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    Belong give everyone "free use" from the date of connection until the end of the month, when you will be billed for the next month.

    You are not really entitled to anything for your connection being delayed.

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    It's no different to when a tradie is late or doesn't turn up at all.

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    Mobile data is not that bad if all you're doing is uni work.
    I 'survive' on mobile data as my main internet.

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    Start at $1mil and don't settle for anything less than $500k. They can't get away with this.

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    Ask them for reduced fees for first month four delay

  • Telstra sometimes provides free mobile data. Perhaps ask if you can buy a $2 Belong SIM off a retail store and have them give you 50GB of free data.

  • They're not charging you until you're connected. What exactly do you think you're entitled to here when you've paid a whole whopping $0?

  • Me too. Signed up a week ago, still no modem and NBN guy won't be out til Friday. This is what I expected from one of the cheapest services with terrible customer service reviews.