Cheap Australian Lobster - where do buy or dine?

Due to coronavirus there is currently excess Australian lobsters

These were to be exported to China but now Australians may be able to eat our own food!

Who he some deals - fresh market, restaurant or even supermarket lobster deals? What is the usual price and best discounts? Will we see a McLobster from the Golden Arches?


  • They'll only be cheaper but not cheap.

    If it is too cheap, it will be worth their while to freeze it and wait a few months.

  • I'm not 100% sure why we can't export lobsters to China still? Have they shut down imports or something?

  • You go to Tasmania where they're selling $45-$70 each depending on the size.

  • Well at long last Aussies might actually manage to buy a cray at a sensible price rather 95% going to China. We better hope they do not mutate with Bats in the interim though!!. Last time I saw them they were $100+, just looking forward to the $30 - $40 medium cray as was available pre mass export days!!.

  • Don't blame the Chinese for causing the markets to have 'expensive' lobsters. IF I was a lobster farmer/grower/business I would be selling to the highest available purchaser (and you would be likely too). THat said, if I want to eat lobster, I will go make it happen. If I can't afford it, it is completely my fault. It is my fault for not doing whatever I must do to get the funds to buy lobster. This applies for everything in life - that new car, that big house, first class travel - can't get it, it's my fault. Can get it, it is also due to my fault.

    • When I was trying to buy my first lobster, I wasn’t buying smashed avocado for $19 and four coffees at $4 each.

    • I'm okay with fishermen and cattlemen selling wherever they want and getting the highest price they can, but I think it's a bit hypocritical when they ask us to donate and support them during the tough time.

      • That is a valid point too.

        My point is that I only care about what I can or cannot do. If I want something, I will go and work my bottom off to get it.

        I am not going to blame someone else for something that I can't have.

        If I want a $1 million dollar house, I'd go find a way to get a million dollars.

  • Anyone know where to buy these lobsters?

    • I have a plug. What quantity are you looking for StonedWizard?

      • @ OzCheapo - About 4 ?

        • @StonedWizard - the same issue affects BarginsLurker as it affects you. Air Freight is expensive so it's not worthwhile in small amounts. My plug can get them around $50/kg for reference. At the 3 - 4 kg you'd be getting it at the same price as a restaurant.

      • Hi Ozcheapo
        Can you hook me up with 6 kg delivered to Melbourne metro?

  • Explains why mud crab was $30/kg at the fish shop, we bought 3 crabs for my 2 fams to share :D Went back for more only to see it all sold out! Damn!

  • I got quoted $60-70/kg depending on size, from a WA seller. $143 air freight to Sydney for up to 50kg. Who's with me for a group buy haha

  • $70kg live or cooked, still not what i would call cheap.
    Port Fairy

    • Got to love how they say to "support the industry" when the rest of the time the "industry" wont even sell to us plebs. It is disgraceful how expensive Aussie seafood is for Australians.

  • Redrock Lobster in Smithton, Tasmania. $65-85/kg cooked/live depending on the size. I was lucky to be in Tassie a few days ago. Although it felt a bit dodgey finding this place in a coastal town at the back of a IGA carpark.

    From FB post:

    EFTPOS facilities available at both sites, or cash only
    We have 2 facilities to choose from
    17-23 King Street Smithton(or bottom of IGA carpark) see Helen
    18 Waterworth drive Margate (Marine Gear Tasmania) see Jarryd
    We can offer in Smithton
    Cooked frozen 2nd grade* @$65 per kg
    Cooked frozen 1st grade* @$70 per kg
    * Limited stock, first in first served
    Live light under 1.5kg @$70 per kg
    Live red under 1.5kg @$80 per kg
    Live over 1.5kg @$85 per kg
    In Margate it's live only, same price as above
    Come in and grab some quality seafood.
    *Redrock Lobster has always offered cheap high quality lobster to the public, just have to knock on our door