Apple Repaired MacBook Pro 13" - Now Battery Is Terrible

Ok so I had a power surge before Christmas and my MacBook was charging at the time. It fried the MagSafe port, but everything else worked fine. It just wouldn't charge. In fact I backed it up, turned it off, turned it on a week later, did some browsing, turned it off etc. I took it to apple mid-Jan who tested battery, said it was fine. Tested MagSafe board, not recognised. They charged me $200 to replace MagSafe board which I thought was a bargain and readily paid to get my MacBook working again.

I appreciate it's a 5yr old machine, but like most people who use a laptop daily you have a fair idea how long your battery will last doing certain tasks. When it came back with a new MagSafe board it was draining 8% overnight with the lid closed and 'sleeping'. Not normal behaviour and it wasn't doing this before apple repair. Remember I had it for about a month after power surge, before repair and it didn't drain like this.

I was obviously a bit upset, but since I have owned macbooks for about 12 years now I had a suspicion. I upgraded to the new OS Carolina and now battery drain is back to normal…

What would have happened that made the battery drain so much worse pre-update?
Am I just paranoid or is this indeed the doing of Apple themselves? In an attempt to get me to either buy a new MacBook or upgrade the OS.

I don't know about you guys but I have had plenty of times over the years where something stops working properly overnight and doesn't work again until I do an update that had been pending for weeks/months.

I don't think I'll get another MacBook, even though they are well built machines and I get 5+ years of use out of them.

TLDR - MagSafe board was fried with power surge and after apple replaced it the battery drained super quick until I upgraded to OS Catalina, something that was pending for months prior.



    What is the Battery cycle count?


      When he did it at the shop it was 300 cycles or so. He was banging on about not spending too much money on it as I'd probably have to replace battery in another year. I asked him how many cycles you would expect and the number he gave was much, much higher then my count..


    installing the update did a smc or PRAM reset somehow? Missed out on a 1am auction for a 2015 on ebay for $345, my bid was $320.


    Actually it seems to have been short lived. Still drained 2% today with lid closed and no use and another 3% since I opened the lid 5 mins ago..

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