Where to buy remote for Sony KDL-48W600B BRAVIA?

Lost remote for my Sony KDL-48W600B BRAVIA which I bought in boxing day sale in 2015-2016.

Checked Amazon au selling it for $38(including shipping) but wondering if any better option?



    you be wanting the RM-GD031… https://www.sony.com.au/electronics/support/televisions-proj...

    listed as genuine Sony @ $19.99 including free postage


    You try download the free Sure app. I use it for my old LG plasma TV. So old remote stopped working.


      If he has an old Samsung Phone with IR blaster then he just needs to download the app and select TV brand


        Sure app is great. Used it to learn ir codes to control my TV codes that weren't available on the original remote, eg. Discrete off/on codes and specific inputs.

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    If it's in a room with home theatre etc, buy a Harmony remote

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    From Sony.


    My old remote control from a super old CRT Sony Trinitron TV worked on my Sony KDL-48W700C that I purchased 3 years ago.

    Maybe you, family or friends may have a spare one from lying around forgotten somewhere.


    I have a similar sony tv, kids lose the remote sometimes. search for sony free remote on your phone. not sure of the exact app, but it works more or less the same, just slower. You don't need an IR Blaster or anything like that as they are smart tvs. Could also try a universal remote from kmart etc for about $12.