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Inkbird Sous Vide (Wi-Fi / Manual) $97.30 Shipped (Was $139) @ Inkbird eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Similar deal as late last year.

Have been using mine since and it has been great!!

LOVE that you don't need to use an app or pair to wifi to use it (but you can if you want).

Would recommend if you are looking to get into Sous Vide.

Do't forget to use Shopback too!!

EDIT: Targeted member can use MAGIC5 eBay Coupon code to get extra discount (extra $5 off).

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    Similar deal as late last year

    Actually if you look at the sales history it has always been sold for $97.30


      Interesting.. Maybe people only buy it on special :P

      Keen to learn how to use that ebay tool you liked.

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    I got one of these for Christmas after being very impressed with the company's thermostat.

    Sous Vide is really easy and unbelievably delicious. My family said it was the best gift they've ever bought me!

    The build quality of this unit is great. However the App is not quite as polished for the Sous Vide as for the thermostat. Forget the recipe section. It's a half-baked attempt to match the capabilities of the Anova or Joule. You're better off just hunting stuff down on the internet. After all, you just need time and temperature.

    I've never used the on-device controls, but the screen is clear and the buttons seem like they'll last.

    If you're interested in Sous Vide, I'd have no hestitation recommending the Inkbird device. You can pay a lot more for an Anova or Joule, but you won't get a whole lot more bang for your buck except a better app on your phone.

    (I promise I'm not associated with Inkbird!)

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      I have a Nano and while it's a great little machine the lack of wifi definitely hurts it. For something that can have cook times up to 36hrs, Bluetooth just doesn't cut it.

      This thing having wifi and being $50 cheaper than the Nano looks like a pretty good deal.


      I pretty much feel the same way.

      I haven't used the app or bothered to set up wifi personally. Call me old school but, if feel very unnecessary as I just filigreed out how to use the device without even needing to read the manual.

      Cheers for your story :)


      Thanks for the review! In terms of capabilities compare to Anova, could you elaborate on it? I thought this kind of sticks are just doing the same thing

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    I made an offer of $85, they came back with a counter offer of $97. So saved 30 cents! Woohoo.

    Wait! There's more - for some reason, I got a voucher (could be 1 time use) MYPLUSVVLJ5K54QM which drops it by another $5. So, $92 delivered with QANTAS points from Cash Rewards.


    there are many sous vide devices on ebay for $90.

    what makes this one a bargain?


      For me it was
      - positive reviews
      - good build quality
      - good power (small ones usually lack this)
      - manual control (not requiring an app or connectivity to work)
      - Aus seller
      - Aus warranty

      Your mileage may vary so as always, it's a good idea to do your own research.

      Hope that helps.


    Should have sent this deal to Scott Morrison. He (or should I say 'We') paid $1899 for his sous vide: https://www.mamamia.com.au/scott-morrison-salary/

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