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50% off Bamboo Sheet, Doona, Silk Eye Mask and More, Bamboo Sheet Q&K $74.99 (RRP $149.95) + Shipping @ The Sleeping Alchemy


50% off Site wide code COOLSLEEP50
Limited stock left!!!

Bamboo bedsheet
RRP Queen 4pcs sheet set $189.95 Now $94.99
RRP King 4pcs sheet set $209.95 Now $104.99

RRP Queen 3pcs sheet set $149.95 Now $74.99
RRP King 3pcs sheet set $169.95 Now $84.99

Make your bed as comfortable as possible and sleep like never before with our ultra soft organic bamboo bed sheets and bamboo pillowcases.Try our aromatherapy pillow mist to get you into a calming mood for a good night’s sleep. If you need help shutting out the light from outside or from devices, wear our mulberry sleep eye mask to help you settle into a peaceful slumber.

Our luxury bamboo bedsheet is ultra-soft,cool and smooth texture made from 400 thread count organic bamboo fibre, which is superior in softness compared to a 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet.

-Ultra soft,cool and smooth texture
-Deep pocket fitted sheet
-Eco-friendly bamboo material
-Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified: free from harmful chemicals

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  • +1

    For anyone buying the Queen 4pc set for $94.99, adding the sleep mist at $17 (before discount) puts you over the $100 threshold for free shipping.
    So instead of paying $104.99 delivered, it’s $103.48 and you have a weird sleep mist spray to gift to someone.

  • I’m slightly disappointed this wasn’t as cheap as the Rollova deal at $60 for the 4pc set.
    But I needed more bamboo sheets.

    I am still frustrated with the RRP for these types of sheets.
    As much as I love bamboo, I don’t think it’s $200 a set good. (Haven’t tried this specific brand as yet).

    • +1

      i have never tried bamboo sheets, are they really comfortable?

      • I can’t speak for this brand specifically.
        But the others that I have were basically night and day compared to my 1000tc cotton sheets I had. Which I used to think were comfy, but now they just feel scratchy compared to the bamboo.

        It’s to the point where I’ll try to get my only set of bamboo ones washed and dry in a single day so that I don’t have to put my old sheets on.

        But even with all that in mind, I don’t think bamboo sheets are ever worth the $200rrp (for a 4pc set) that most places charge.
        At most I feel like RRP should be ~$120 with sales going below that.

      • +1

        So soft and comfortable.

        I'm converted, replaced all our cotton sheets with 100% bamboo sheets.

    • +1

      Hi mate,
      Thanks for your order!! Once you get the products then you will know our quality.
      We have many re-purchased customers and reviews from verified buyers and hope that you will love our sheets like others customer too.

      • I look forward to it! Just a shame I won’t get to try them before the sale ends.

      • How does your product compare to the $49 bamboo sheet sets on EBay that are selling like hot cakes?

        • Link?

  • Hi Op

    Do you stock super King?

    • +1

      Sorry we only have Queen&King for this lot but next lot Super King will be added to our stock as we have been asked from many others customers too!

  • +1

    Why does no one sell single bed sheets any more?

    • +2

      And King Single sheets…

  • Queen size white 4 piece sold out, any more soon? :(

    • You could still get pink :P lol

      • +1

        Yeah but if I can get white then I can just use a red sock in the wash if I change my mind.

        Any chance OP?

    • +1

      Oh Hi sorry, white queen all gone next lot should be in a month time keep checking from our website..Thanks

  • +1

    bought thanks, gonna give these a try and see what the fuss is all about with bamboo sheets

    • Thank you so much I am sure you will love them like us do!!!

    • fyi, the free shipping is not express post like it says it is.

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