Faulty air conditioner and dealing with the property manager

Hi guys,
I have been renting a unit for the last two years and recently had an issue with the air conditioning unit. The unit has a window air-conditioning unit which is quite old and except for the swing and remote function, it has been working in both and cool settings. The air con is a lot smaller when compared to the actual size of the living room which stretches to the kitchen but we had no trouble cooling or heating that part of the room.
So a couple of weeks ago when we had the heatwave around NSW, I noticed that there was no cool air despite running it for couple of hours. We switched it off, cleaned the filters and restarted it the next day assuming it would start working the next day but it didn't and the heat was getting unbearable. My partner emailed the manager stating that the air con isn't working and if she could send someone to have a look at it to which she replied she will put in the request. A technician showed up couple of days later, when the temperatures dropped a bit and checked it and when he inspected it air conditioning unit worked without any issues. He did say that the unit is quite old, the blower is kind of facing the other side and that the unit is too small to cool such a big area and must have been working in its full capacity. He also pointed that there the current air conditioning unit is placed on a large frame and may have had a bigger unit before. He said he will speak to the real estate about it and that I will need a bigger window unit or a split conditioning system. He took some measurements of the room, spoke to the real estate and they asked him to get a quote and soon he left.

After a couple of days my partner received an email from the property agent to give us an update. She said the technician found nothing wrong with the unit and that it was working to it's full capacity which taking into the consideration of the temperatures we are experiencing is normal. Also I should take this into account before actioning any maintenance requests . She said it will be replaced if it gets broken at some point and if they receive another complaint that it isn't cooling and if the technician finds no fault with it, I will be charged for the diagnostic/call out.
I switched it on this morning and it there is no cool air. We are thinking of moving out since it isn't worth it. I haven't responded to the email either. I was wondering if I should put in another request before moving out just to cover me in case it is actually broken.
Any feedback is much appreciated


  • "I was wondering if I should put in another request before moving out just to cover me in case it is actually broken."

    How would this cover you in any way, and what is it actually covering you from ?

    I wouldnt worry about it, just move out, you gave them an opportunity to fix it, and they chose not to based on the findings of a professional, its not your problem.

    • I thought being the tenant, it was my responsibility and probably need to sort it as my bond and reference will be at stake if something happens

      • If an appliance stops working it is not your responsibility. You have already reported it once.

  • Forget it, you’ve already told them it doesn’t work.
    Don’t annoy the agent again, just leave the place clean and you’ll get your bond back.

  • As much as I believe you, the technician himself said to you that it was working when he attended so there's not much you can do. By the same token though, the agent also confirmed that it was working so if you're worried about it being broken there's nothing you need to do either.

  • Agent knows they don't have to replace it unless it's faulty. No requirement if it's too small for the area etc. If it is an intermittent fault then that is terribly unlucky and difficult to prove.

    Just move.

    Don't put in another request. Won't achieve anything.

  • Put thermometer and phone with time displayed in front of AC. Take video showing temperature and time.

    Switch on AC. Take video after 10 minutes.

    Leave AC on.

    Repeat after 1 hour.

    Send videos to property manager.

    A friend received an online purchased radio. Speaker didn't work but audio out jack did. Seller refused to replace or refund. Sent video showing problem and friend got refund next day.

  • The AC unit was there when you signed up for the lease and has been fine for the past 2 years (assumed as it hasn't been raised as issue in that time). Landlord has done everything they need to from the point of view that they reacted/responded to your request that it 'might' be broken, and the appointed technician said it was in working order.

    You're effectively asking for an upgraded/improved unit by saying the current is broken/insufficient. It's possible that the only risk/reason that the landlord would agree to the upgrade is to keep you as a tenant. If it's a sought after area or if there is any issue with your payments etc, then it's unlikely they'll budge.

    Is the AC the reason you're moving? Is it worth all the hassle of moving?

    If you want to stay and want the issue fixed, maybe offer to contribute (eg. $100?) to a new unit. I had a tenant do this for me and it encouraged me to upgrade an item for them that wasn't required

  • I am happy to put it in money or pay for the technician but don't really appreciate the way how the property manager responded . It is an old two unit block and I pay considerably more than my neighbor who for some reason is with a different real estate but has the same owner. They haven't still fixed few issues like a broken fly screen and clothesline which I ended up fixing myself although I did request on multiple occasions and when they came in for inspection.

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    If it was another super hot day when you found the fault again, ok maybe the uni just can't cope. If it wasn't crazy hot and it used to work under those conditions, it's broken.

    Reply and tell them what you've told us.
    "The air conditioner has stopped working again, it appears to have an intermittent fault. I have run it today and the air is not cooled at all."

    The suggestion of video evidence is good too.

    Moving house is a lot more painful than sending an email and getting the repair tech back IMO.

  • An update, received an invoice from the real estate asking me to pay the technician fees which amounts to $148. Told them it isn't fair that they charge and that it is a really late notice.

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