Ryzen 3900X AMD Rewards Worth It?

Hey guys. Just a quick question.

I'm thinking about buying a Ryzen 3900X to build a PC.

However… i was wondering if it would be worth it to buy it now, before the AMD Reward codes end (meaning you get Borderlands 3 and Outer Worlds with it) tomorrow, or if i should wait until the prices go down and then buy the games later? I'm also a little pressed for time, as i want to buy all the other parts and just build my PC already so i can get started on using it, recording and editing videos for Youtube, Twitch, etc, so i can have things set up before the other games i want to play are released this year.

Would there be any cons to buying it now, apart from the price having risen lately, or would there be a significant enough price drop soon as the AMD Rewards are ending?Would the price account for the lack of two free games (meaning going back to around the $650 range), or stay relatively the same? If so, it might be more worth it for me to buy it now rather than later.

Thanks in advance for the help.


  • I think you'll find prices rising for a while whilst the supply chain is hammered due to the recent virus outbreak.

  • I'd read and follow intel news, as they will soon release information and eventually their newer chips. AMD will have promotions during the intel chip releases to compete. Thats what I'll do.

    As per the current climate with coronovirus, its not a good time to buy, as stocks are low.