$50-$100 Stick Vacuum Cleaner Can be Corded or Cordless

So I have been surviving on my big w $30 2 in 1 corded vacuum cleaner for awhile now and it is still working but it was misused by a passing idiot in the place I live anyways forget that but yeah the bin emptying mechanism is broken now so to keep the unit together I'm using sticky tape which means emptying the bin is a huge chore and pain so I am on the lookout for a new stick vacuum because barrel ones while very powerful would be very cumbersome to get in some places so stick recommendations only really.

I don't mind corded or cordless.

My last resort is a hand held only one since that would be tiring to do a whole room with that one.

Just going to be used on carpet and in a small packed to the brim bedroom and maybe a hallway or two but yeah not letting strangers use my vacuum any more after learning my lesson of being generous can bite back.


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    just get another same one from bigw

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    Dont know if by stick you mean you would consider one of these https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/371195 Ive got one and they are bloody fantastic.

    Otherwise something like this would suffice https://www.kmart.com.au/product/2-in-1-cordless-stick-vacuu...

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      I've got the Kmart one. Works well on hard surfaces but needs a few runs on the carpet to pick up stuff properly. Otherwise it's a bargain and I love it!


      I purchased this vacuum and it ripped my new carpet in 4 places. Got caught on the fabric and sucked it up. Then it died after 6 months and started smoking. Never again!

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    Can you find the part on aliexpress to fix your existing vacuum?
    I've been using a stick vacuum for a year now, and i miss the power and precision of a corded vacuum cleaner. The only benefit of the stick vacuum for me is cleaning my car, and spot cleans are easier. It has about 70% of the power.

    I paid $110 for a chinese brand. The catcher broke, and i recently bought a new catcher for $20.

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      Unfortunately it is not really a part more just the plastic bit that locks into the other part was broken off when the guest genius tried to drag it over rocks and concrete so the plastic sticking out bit that clips into the other half is gone and yeah can't be replaced will have to either somehow super glue or melt bond some new plastic or something to bring the lock mechanism back to life so yeah.

      I wish I could just buy a part from ebay or aliexpress or something but the whole plastic bit is gone/chipped off.

      It is honestly a decent vacuum and if I can find any other contenders under $99 I might buy another one again.


        Dude, you got this, have a look around youtube about repairing with superglue or melting. you'll pick up a skill for life and save yourself the replacement. Itll be easier than you think.

        Do have a look up the model number on ebay and aliexpress. Often appliances are rebranded multiple times for different countries and you'll find something to replace the missing bit. even drilling a piece of wood in there can git'er'dun.

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    I assume you're in your low 20s. If you waffle this much, I can't imagine what you'll be like when you're 70.

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