LG CX 48 Inch TV Price

Hey guys/girls,

Just speculating a bit. How much do you all think the RRP on the LG CX 48 inch OLED TV is likely to be at launch? This thing seems like the perfect partner for the new consoles coming out this year with it's full HDMI 2.1 support and 120hz refresh rate.

I have a 55 inch OLED tv for watching films and it's amazing, so this could be a great all-rounder.

The reason I'm asking is that I suspect demand for this TV is going to push the price artificially high. Probably close to the price of the 55 inch models.

What do you all think?



    I was wondering the same thing. It's ideal for a gaming setup. It'll be nice to not have to game in the living room anymore…

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    I want to use one as my next PC monitor! Very interested in the price too!!!


    Yep PC monitor for me. 48" seems perfect. I hope its under $2000. the c9 was $3500 "55 when it lauched and ppl paid it.
    I reckon $2300-$2500.
    I read somewhere its launch is going to be delayed because of Corona virus..
    maybe may june… Hopeully might get a small discount with End OF Finanical year sales?

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