How to Avoid Water Penetration in External Aircon Unit?

The tenant in my IP has raised concern that the external Aircon unit is getting filled with water during rain.

Can someone provide any suggestion how to avoid water going into the unit? My PPOR has Aircon unit sitting on floor but we never saw any water issue. If water is going inside, is there any immediate risk to the unit?

Here is the pic of Aircon


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    You don't, it's an outdoor unit, designed to be outside.

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    now that you are aware of AC units, you will notice that almost every building in the world is covered in them.

    it's why buildings always have umbrellas all over them, so the AC doesn't get water in

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    I'm going to say the best way to avoid water penetration is to keep it dry.

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    Tell them they will need to dry it off each time it rains.


    Where do they think he water is getting in?
    What did the manufacturer say about water entering in that location?

    It’s an outdoor unit. It’s designed to be out door, but if it is a problem, out a roof above it.

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    Found the problem op. Your a.c. unit is installed wrong.

    Correct way to install AC unit

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    OP - those outdoor aircon units look impressively installed!!

    Can't imagine any problem with water getting into the unit. Get the tenant to send you a pic of what they are concerned about. If looks a real problem, get it looked at under warranty.


      Exactly, looks very professional, and they are up from the ground, so unlikely to get affected by water pooling underneath.

      With all the rain and wind, in the recent storms, maybe they got wet while under the patio roof, which probably doesn’t normally happen, and the tenant saw that and thought since normally they don’t get wet, that this is an issue.

      Probably the tenant has no idea that many Aircon’s aren’t even under any cover at all.


      Agreed, looks very neat. Doesn't look like the top hat is siliconed though


    the external Aircon unit is getting filled with water during rain.

    That will happen because they are outside and it does rain outside.

    Worry if the unit outside is filling up with water and it hasn't been raining at all.

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    read the manual.

    "thanks for the email, these units are designed to be outside, so will be fine in the rain. If water gets inside the wall, please let me know"


    This is nothing a snorkel won't fix.

    Scuba gear seems excessive…


    The guys that installed my aircon mentioned that to operate efficiently, they need a bit of rain every now and then to clean the dust off the fins on the heat exchanger. They even suggested giving the unit a hose down a couple of times a year.


      My old man does this at least once a year. He literally hoses down the external unit.


    Hey OP, don't worry about water on or in them, they are designed to be outside in all weather conditions.

    It is better to worry about the ants getting in & stuffing things up, but since it is off the ground, they will have fun…


    It really shouldn't be a problem, unless your neighbour's name is Water!

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    Condenser pump may cause the leaking in AC so check whether you have a broken pump ( pour water into the condenser pan and test it). If this is not the case then you’ll probably need to repair the motor or the condenser itself.