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JBL Duet Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones 37000 Telstra Plus Points (or 18000pts + $51 etc) @ Telstra Plus Rewards Store


Came across this in the Telstra Plus store. You can get to the store here if you are a Telstra customer: https://plus.telstra.com.au/

Details of the headphones are here: https://www.jbl.com.au/JBL+DUETNC.html
But apparently battery life is 24 hours without ANC and 15 hours with ANC.

RRP is $349.95 but apparently they haven't been released for sale yet. I couldn't find them at any major stores.

Redemption options are:
- 37000 points + $0
- 28000 points + $25
- 18000 points + $51
- 9000 points + $76
- 5000 points + $99

At that RRP all of those options seem like good deals. If you have enough Google Nest Minis, check this out.

I attached an image instead of a link because I'm pretty sure you can't see the rewards store unless you're logged in.


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    They were giving these away with a few of the Galaxy/Note phones for free.

    I had a set that broke after about 7 months of daily use, the hinge is hella weak. They did honour the warranty and replace them, but there are better uses for your points probably.


      What are they like sound wise?

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        My Sony WH-1000XM3s sound better, but I had no real complaints about the sound. The noise cancelling wasn't anything special either.

        They did come with a nice felt carry bag though.


      I have the same headphones and my experience was identical. Decent sounding, the design is good in theory however mine also broke after just on 12 months, same spot. Loads of reviews say the same thing.


    What are some ways to get bonus points if i join telstra 12 month $65 60gb plan at jb


    The Duet is exactly same as JBL E65BTNC. Just a renamed one. However, it is a great headphone. Amazing noise cancellation.

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    i saw this as i was waiting to fly home from melb, thinking about getting NC headphones, i orderd got them for free, so see how they go on my next flight..


    Not expired, as the offer seems to have been extended until 24th of March.

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