Looking to Ditch Optus Mobile - but Still Need Optus Sport! Anyone Got It on Pre-Paid?

Hey peeps

Been with Optus for a few years and my phone plan is up for renewal later this week. I'm thinking of either pre-ordering the S20 or getting the Note 10.

I was thinking of ditching Optus and getting my new phone/plan with Woolworths instead. I can save as much as $20 a month. But the catch is that I still need Optus Sport as I watch a lot of the content.

So questions for those who have Optus Sport on pre-paid - how does it work? Do you need to top up your account balance to be able to activate Optus Sport for a particular month? Is it possible to just keep a pre-paid plan on standby and use it to activate Optus Sport on the months I need it?

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  • Have you considered Getting an iPad deal for 32 a month, it’s pretty good deal. Could prolly sell the iPad straight away too

    • Is that with Optus?

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    i tell you a secret.. i left optus 2 years ago, but my optus sport acc still active until today.

    • Premium unlocked?
      I notice my account is active but premium content is locked still (Home Broadband and Phone account which is now closed)

      Saying that partners account is active (but mobile ported out a while back)

    • you can livestream all the matches still?

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    Marketing masterclass by the Optus team. The service and/or price is shit and you still don't want to leave.

    • No, it's the opposite of good marketing. It's more like holding people hostage by locking the exclusive sports coverage behind their phone plans.

      It's a grudge purchase. The second they lose their sports coverage rights or another feasible option comes up, they'll never see me again, even if I have to leave out of principle.

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        You do know that you don't need to be optus mobile/broadband customer to get Optus Sport for $15 per month (google Play so take at least 10% off that).

        Don't know about the prepaid optus thing but should be cheaper $60 a year long life + $5 28 days or whatever. But haven't seen anyone confirm it works.

        • Interesting, I'll look into it a little further. I'm just surprised at how much more expensive Optus mobile plans are than others.

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    Just stream the football on first row sports.

  • I'm not with Optus. I signed up to Optus Sport through the App Store, can watch it on iPad/Mac/Sony TV.

    • OK, so does that mean you can just buy a monthly subscription whenever you want? Ie, pay for one month, let it expire, and reactivate again 3 months later?

      • Yes.

        I have had mine "expire" through non-payment but it continues to be active. I have been going strong for about 4 or 5 months now without paying.

        The same happened when I cancelled my Optus phone service. Optus Sports did not get cancelled until quite some time after.

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          so… you owe them money right?

  • So Optus Sport is a $5/mth add-on for prepaid.

    So surely I can get a $30/186 day (6 mth) starter kit and add $5/mth to that, which makes $60/yr for the SIM plus $60/yr for Optus Sport, totalling $120 rather than just paying $14.99 monthly access fee for Sport ($180/yr).


    • I'd wait until an announcement is made with the EPL starting up again.

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