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Olight Warrior X Pro 2250 Lumen 600m Rechargeable Tactical LED Torch - $123.47 Delivered @ Olight


Ok we all love a good torch and Olight make some of the best.

The warrior series is a great all round, high value, solid torch.

Special colour $10 more.

Bundle available with keychain torch ~$4 more.

I might have the start time wrong. Countdown timer and event start page confused me.

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    Sale starts at 12:00 AM on Tuesday 18/02/2020

    Should also include that you get a free gift depending on your order size

    Free gifts when you spend 'X' amount in a single order

    • Red S1R Baton II when you spend between $150-$300
    • Baton Pro when you spend between $300 -$450
    • SR52UT Intimidator Kit when you spend over $450
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    Would just like to add that the warrior x pro uses a proprietary 21700 battery. Perhaps it's just the tech for their 'customized battery', but it would require you to spend roughly $30 if you need to purchase an additional battery made by olight.

    Bit of a bummer, but to most consumers this may not be an issue.


      A standard 21700 will work in the Warrior X Pro, you just will not be able to use the Magnetic charger as the customisation ensures that it has both a positive and negative contact on the same end. A standard 21700 does not have this.