New Contact Lens Price Comparison Website

I have setup a Contact Lens Price Comparison website for Australian retailers.

Website features prices from 10 online retailers.

Still a few more lenses to be added, which will be added over the coming weeks.

Web address is

If anyone has any lenses they would like to see that are not on the site, let me know so they can be looked into.

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    Hey I'm new to contact lenses but my prescription from Specssavers tend to only be available for the range that they offer exclusively - things like the diameter are around 0.x different than the big brands.

    My question is - is this intentional to force me as a consumer into buying only their products? What are my options here?

    Great website btw, one suggestion - perhaps let us fill in our prescription first and then showing us what lenses are available?

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      Thanks for the feedback.

      Regarding your suggestion however, it would be difficult to do that as the online retailers that are tracked on the website are Australian only, and a valid prescription is required to order contact lenses through the Australian retailers.

      The website is designed for those that know which contact lens they need, and to find the best price for that lens.

      The problem with specsavers is that they re brand Cooper Vision and Alcon lenses as their own easyvision brand. If you were to get a prescription from a small independent Optometrist or work out which lens the easyvision is re branded as, you could get a better deal.

      It may also not be possible that the measurements from one contact lens, may not be compatible with the specifications of another, and this is why you do need a Optometrists advice regarding which contact lens is suitable for you.


    I've found Specsavers is usually the cheapest, and as far as scripts I usually ask them for two (one for dailies and I've for fortnightly).

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