Safest way to receive electronic funds?

In before people telling me not to do it, I'm selling a set of books online worth less than $30 with postage of around $15 tracked so it's not a massive loss if shit goes south.

Obviously I'm looking to receive payment before postage but I plan on sending my ID to the buyer as assurance.

The buyer has suggested paypal/beem/bank transfer - which would be the best option please?


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    I plan on sending my ID to the buyer as assurance.

    Bad idea. If your buyer is paying you they've re-assured themselves you're legit.
    Use PayID linked to your bank acct so you get paid instant.

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    Bank transfer cannot be reversed.

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    Don't send some random your ID over $30 of books.

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    use paypal, you are the one sending the books, im sure they r worried more than u

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    Other party should be providing ID too then.

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     I plan on sending my ID to the buyer as assurance.

    Wait.. what?

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    Do not send them any copy of your ID. (Giving your ID is opening yourself up to identity theft.)
    Do not accept payment by Paypal. (PayPal, at the buyers request, can reverse the transaction and leave you with no books and no money)
    If the buyer is suggesting Beemit then use that to accept payment. Beemit can not reverse transactions.

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    but I plan on sending my ID to the buyer as assurance.


    Yes, please send the other party a copy of your driver's license. So that they can use it to open utilities accounts, obtain credit or setup a new prepaid mobile all under your name. Once they make prank calls (e.g. call the fire brigade at your place when there is no fire), you will be held liable for the fines and potential jail time.

    Seriously, all the buyer needs to do is pay you via PayPal.

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    It’s $30
    It’s 2020
    Why are you all talking about this?

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    I put a list together of The Safest Ways for Sellers to Transact on Gumtree — Options 2 and 3 may work okay in your situation.


    It's a good question regardless of the small price.

    A few things about PayPal:

    PayPal offers buyer protection to purchasers, so there is no need to send your ID to the buyer to give them any kind of assurances. (You can read more about PayPal buyer protection here:

    If there is any trouble with a purchase, the buyer 'opens a dispute'. (Read more at
    Note that the buyer doesn't simply have the right to 'reverse a transaction' without arbetration. PayPal is the ONLY way many sellers do business on eBay, so using PayPal is good for sellers and doesn't make the seller vulnerable.

    As far as establishing your identity is concerned, do NOT send your ID docs. They don't offer the buyer any protection, and only make you vulnerable to identity theft. A better way is to add a link to your existing PayPal account. This allows a seller to provide a simple payment link to a buyer with the seller's photo. (You can read more at For more complex billing requirements, another alternative is to generate an invoice from within your PayPal account, which a seller can provide to a buyer electronically or as a PDF. It contains a click-to-pay link for best convenience and payment trackcing.

    With PayPal, you also get confirmation of payment instantly.

    Note that sellers have to pay a fee when selling stuff through PayPal. While you could avoid this fee by requesting payment by bank deposit, you have to give out your personal bank account details - another risk to the seller for identity theft.

    All things considered, PayPal's fee is not unreasonable for the services and assurances provided.


    PayPal, or post office