Delivery options for getting prepackaged meals delivered

Hi folks,

I've decided to bite the bullet and try Youfoodz and its competitors.

But I have a problem. My apartment building is notorious for having deliveries stolen. I assume others might have been in this situation before. How did you get around it? I dont really want to stay home one day a week to ensure my delivery isnt stolen. I'm even thinking of getting them delivered to a friends house nearby which has more security.




    Is there a coffee shop or other local shop nearby that you frequent regularly? You could offer to pay them $5 to accept your deliveries.

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    Delivery to your work?

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    What magical solution do you want us to recommend? Either get it sent elsewhere or take the risk.


      Wouldn't this comment be easier without the passive aggression?

      "Get it sent elsewhere or take the risk".

      Why the unnecessary snarkyness? Genuinely curious.

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    I get my Youfoodz (ooooooh) delivered to work , it comes in a box that has a silver bubble wrap that I assume is meant to keep it cold
    and packed with sheets of Ice packs.. I have a fridge freezer at work so I pop them in there and then may take some home or just leave in freezer
    and eat for lunch each day.. When u order they will advise what day it will be delivered and will keep you informed by email.
    If you do have it shipped to a friends you may ask if they can be troubled enough to pop em in the freezer.
    Anyway good luck… PS I have been able to get Muscle Meals and Youfoodz from my local Food works, but you never get the discount that way
    its more of a last minute thing for me..