What Shop for Good Value Bedding

Shopping now for bed sheets and when I see bed sheets costing $500 I'm wondering if I'm paying the brand or actual quality of fabric.
I mean does it really cost that much to produce a good quality piece of bed sheet or do manufacturers indecently make a huge margins on those products?
What store would you recommend that sells good value bedding? Not Kmart cheap neither luxurious expensive just something good value.
Any recommendations? I'm in Sydney but happy to shop online if recommended a good store



    We have a couple of sets from Adairs when they are on sale and are pretty happy with them. They have some nice patterns to choose from aswell

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    Everything of mine is Sheridan or Sheridan Outlet. I find them to be the most comfortable.

    They're listed at ridiculous RRPs but there's so many sales on throughout the year (up to 70% off) that I often wonder whether anyone ever pays full price for them.


      There's people who pay full price for them - people who buy from gift registry lists when they're not on sale …

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    Second Sheridan outlets both at Birkenhead or Homebush dfo. They often have 50% off sale, if you wait sometimes discount can be more. You won’t get much choice of colour/may not find matching pillow cases but it’s a good compromise for better sheets at cheaper prices. Also found buying separate fitted sheet and pillow cases cheaper than buy the sheet set.


    ALDI has heaps this week


    Used to buy "cheap". Typical HS stuff. I thought it was okay until I tried the high end stuff from Sheridan (not available in outlet stores).

    They not only lasted at least twice as long but they retained colour and texture a lot longer too. Overall cost:durability difference to the cheaper stuff is negligible.

    (Thick mattress also made it harder to find cheapies that will fit).