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HCF Health Insurance - up to 130,000 flybuys Points ($650 in Value if Shop at Coles)


Been looking for a deal to switch to HCF.
Up to 130,000 flybuys points if sign up for HCF insurance.
If you are after a health insurance with pregnancy cover, HCF (Silver Plus) is pretty much the cheapest, and they have pretty generous extra cover too.
But make sure you compare different providers before you sign up, since we all have different need.

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  • Please note you get 130000 points only if your premium is around 6K yearly, for most of us you get around 60K points

    • Family cover via the one big switch campaign will land you a $400 eftpos card if you prefer.

    • Thanks i got this offer too.

      Good heads up about the premium needed for all the bonus points info.

      For single cover I guess it's impossible for me to get all 130k points. Would have been nice as it worth $650 I think. Not sure if it worth it to apply now

      • Maybe worth to join via the One Big Switch offer instead?
        Again it is all depend on your situation and need, it works for me might not works for you.

  • I was with them and had a corporate discount. Even with corporate rates I found cheaper funds with same offerings. Therefore I suggest you shop around before assuming this is a great deal.

    • Which funds are cheaper? I've been a member for years and have compared several times. HCF has always been the cheapest.

    • Good to know.

    • I did shop around (like most of ozbargainers). I am after a plan with Pregnancy and high combined extra limit for massage, HCF is the only one that offer the following:
      1) Pregnancy without joining the Gold cover
      2) up to $800 for massage (most insurance would only give you $100-$200 sub limit on Massage)
      P.S. I go to Massage pretty much twice a month and spent around $200 / month.

      Again what works for me might not works for you, I only speak from my experience.

  • Silver plus does not cover pregnacy from their website.
    The government is standardizing private health so that it is easier to compare from 1 April. All pregnacy will be in the gold category.

    • Private health pregnancy is a rort. It only covers the room. End up paying thousands on top for things that medicare covers. Difference can be 5-10k out of pocket before excess and crazy extra premiums.

      • Private health pregnancy is a rort.


      • Do you think its better to use the public system for pregnancy?

        • I had absolutely no issues with the public system for both my pregnancies, but admittedly they were both straightforward. A friend of mine went private with no private health, ended up with an emergency c-section and it cost her over $20k. It's all anecdotal though, you'll find horror stories anywhere if you look for them.

    • It does, here is the link: https://corporate.hcf.com.au/pdf/brochures/HCF-My-Family-Sil...
      You are right tho, most of the private health insurance usually include Pregnancy in Gold only.

      • Be careful as that might be an old document. I was also on silver plus with another company which included pregnacy, but they advised me from 1 April i needed to upgrade to gold otherwise i would lose the pregnacy cover waiting period.
        Just ask hcf if you will still be covered from 1/4.. I have a feeling no

  • From the terms:
    "If you cancel your policy after the 30-day Cooling Off Period but before the 12 month anniversary of the start of your policy, you will receive Standard Points on a pro-rata basis for each month the policy has been fully paid and is active. BONUS POINTS will only be awarded for policies held for a full 6 month period."

  • Hi Op what does it cover in terms of pregnancy? We have corporate Gold and were told it covers IVF and pregnancy but it appears that it only does so for inpatient treatment. Which is a rort because I dont think inpatient ivf treatment exists. Also for pregnancy it appears they only cover the hospital stay and not for the baby, so any attending to the baby is fully out of pocket.

    • I am actually not sure about the IVF part. I joined HCF from Bupa only recently.
      When I was with Bupa, we got Bupa to cover around $8000 of expenses (Private Hospital, Private room, 5 nights in the Hospital after birth), and we only out of pocket around $1000 ($500 excess, $500 for something else can’t remember, maybe my meals while I stayed in the hospital).
      However, I have been told that once the baby is born, he/she is automatically be covered. (Not sure how it works entirely)

    • Also don’t forget to check and make sure the (private) hospital that you would give birth at is fully covered by HCF or whichever provider.
      it changed a lot year by year.

    • Wife is on gold cover at medibank rn, been assured that baby is covered. Ivf, the embryo retrieval and insertion is outpatient.

    • i have heard this with HCF, apprently it does NOT cover the baby and you would have to switch your cover to a family one to cover the baby.

      Apprently this is only with HCF, i have checked with BUPA and Medibank and they have a 2 week window for you to update your details after the baby is born.

      Slight hassle but this is what i have found from my research.

  • Has anyone changed recently to hcf and managed to get higher limit on individual items?

    I am with another health insurance whose dental major maximum limit is $1500, but hcf starting limit is $1000 which increase everry year with maximum reaching $1300 after 3 yeat. So I called them to check if they give me higher limit if I join them but they Said no as they can only wave waiting period but I still can't get higher limit until I stay with them for three years !

    Has anyone managed to work around this?