Need a B&W Duplex Wi-Fi Laser Multifunction


Can someone recommend a monochrome Wi-Fi Laser Multifunction duplex for home use.

Was looking at a Brother MFC-L2730DW which is about $225 which ticks all the boxes.

Any other suggestions?


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    Go the Brother. Just check out best price. You can use generic toner cartridges. The originals are over half the cost of the printer itself.


    Yeah had good luck in the past with Brother but wondering if there was something else I should consider.

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    i usually buy a 2nd hand brother printer for $20-$50, make sure it's the older models. The older cartridges comes with the refill hole, which u can buy $8-$10 toner refills off ebay. Each toner cartridge and drum can last easily 30,000 pages. That's my experience. I've been doing this for years.

    the newer printers come with newer and more compact cartridges. The newer cartridges require removal of some screws and springs to expose that toner refill plug. Instructions found easily on youtube.

    Every other year Brother make small changes to how their printers look with virtually no difference in performance.



      Yeah the newer ones have smaller cartridges but we won't print much anyway.

      I purchase generic ones rather than refill. Usually only $20 anyway.

      Brother probably makes no money on the printer but on the consumables


    yup. beware of the older printers. some require hardware updates to be compatible with Windows 10, especially those model made before 2010.

    just ask the seller if he/she is using a win10 laptop and bring ur own laptop to check compatibility. a bit too much effort for a $20-$50 printer but i do that anyways.


    I don't have good experience with Fuji so not recommend this brand. I can't get mine (bought from also $150ish) connected to wifi…


    I got the MFC-L2750DW, as I wanted duplex scanning as well. So far happy with it!


      Thanks, will pay the extra $50.

      May get a officeworks price beat to reduce the difference.

      Will seldom use duplex scan but will be handy when I do.

      Never had a wireless printer/scanner before.

      Where is the output for the scanner? Email or do you need to turn the PC on?

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        I priced match at officeworks, no issues.

        When you need to duplex scanning, you'll be happy you have one. Lately I've had a bit to do and its been really handy. In the past I manually had to scan each side and then put them together into a 'single' PDF.

        Its wireless, as well as wired ethernet and USB, so does all.

        As for the output, where you want to it do. Will save to a file share, upload to FTP or you can email it to yourself using the brothers email service (free).

        PC isn't needed for the email/ftp/file share assuming that ftp/file share isn't your PC.

        I created some short cut keys to scan/email me or scan/file share upload.

        All done setup via the website interface. Its a little clunky at first, but once you get your head around it. Easy as.


          Thanks very much.

          I usually scan largr documents at work as quality is very good and fast too. But can't hurt having one at home.

          Good to know multiple file options for saving documents

          Will probably choose email as I normally scanned documents are emailed to someone anyway.

          I can't pricematch officeworks for the MFC-L2730DW
          Because officeworks cheekily changed the model number so it's their 'exclusive' model.

          However they sell this MFC-L2750DW so can pricematch


    Got the MFC-L2750DW from Officeworks.

    Paid a little under $240 using a price match (sticker price $300).

    I'll set it up tonight and report back on how easy (hopefully) it is to set up.


    Ok just to let other people know.

    It was super easy set up wireless printing.

    A bit more tricky to set up to set up scan to email as there are no instructions provided. So it's a matter of going through the menu and trying your luck.

    Scanning quality is good as is printing.

    Scanning is very slow so not ideal for multiple pages unless you're patient.

    Would buy again. I've owned about 3 Brother Laser printers before for home and work.

    Good thing is generic toner cartridges are cheap, not sure of the quality.

    So if anyone has a reliable seller that provides good quality cartridges let me know.

    I've had hits and misses from eBay

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