Looking for Desktop - Budget $250

Hi, I am looking a small desktop or mini PC for my parents. They are mainly browsing internet ie. watching movie, listen radio..etc.My budget is less than $250.

Thank you in advance!


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    Wouldn't a tablet be a better option for media consumption?

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    Do you need a monitor, mouse & keyboard as well? I think than your only option is a complete secondhand system.
    Otherwise a refurbished Dell OptiPlex SFF 9020 for $165. Add at least some RAM and maybe a cheap SSD.
    [edit] +1 for a tablet


      Hello do you have direct link of Dell ? What RAM/ SSD should I look for ? I am looking for stable machine. Thank you


        On eBay now: Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF Intel i5 3.3GHz 240GB SSD Win10 8GB RAM 64Bit PC Desktop for $219. Seller "Salez".
        Comes with SSD, enough memory and AMD graphics. With Intel graphics it's $199 but I wont recommend that as I think it's not very powerful and shares (eats away) the 8Gb of main memory.

        I'm typing this on a 9010 SFF. Has been a perfect little machine for the last 2 years.

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    Go for the Dell Optiplex that are often listed here through eBay

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