Xiaomi Mi10 Pro

In the market soon for a new phone and this is coming up for sale in March (hopefully).

Wondering (generally) how does Xiaomi's phones compare against the Pixel range for everyday use.

I've heard the Pixel 4 XL has pretty crap battery life so I'm staying away from this, even though I've been using Pixels since 1st gen.

Screen quality, camera quality and battery life are more important than actual phone processor speed to me.

Or should I look at something else?


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    Check out the thousands of xiaomi reviews online for established versions of their phones… Mi 9 Lite, Note 8T, Mi 9T, etc.
    Generally xiaomi's are great value for money. Be aware that there could be long delays with delivery ex chinese suppliers at the moment.
    Aust forum here for the Mi10 https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/9lyxzr13


      Thanks for that.

      Long delays don't worry me, I don't need to have it right this instant.

      TBH would wait closer to May before purchasing as I'll be able to claim TRS as well.

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    JBHIFI have the mi9 - go have a look - i had a Redmi Note 3 back in the day and they have come along way since then.

    I've got a 2 xl ATM and looking to upgrade - i really liked the Oneplus 7tpro but it doesnt have Volte which is a deal breaker for me.
    the Mi 10 will be cheaper by alot when they are both in circulation.

    Maybe check out facebook marketplace - there are tons of people selling there Samsung 10+ ATM.


      I'll have a look when the Mi10 is out, but fiddling with it for 5 min doesn't really tell you how good a phone it is.


    Xiaomi is pretty great for general use. Great value too.

    Screen Quality: Generally good, they are stepping up by moving towards more AMOLED these days instead of IPS LCD so that's a plus.
    Camera Quality: Excellent, especially if you have the Gcam mod installed
    Battery Life: Excellent, most of their phones come with 4000 mah or higher which is good for one whole day if you're doing much with the phone.

    Only issue is the software, bit bloated unlike Pixel's software but not that annoying to use. You also have the option of flashing custom ROMs which are popular on the XDA Forums website.

    I've put up a comparison between the Mi 10 Pro 5G vs last year's sensation, the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro via GSMArena to see how well of a improvement they made from last year to this year. Mi 10 Pro 5G is good but you might think differently when looking at comparisons (for example, some people really need the 3.5 mm jack and it's not there for the 10 Pro 5G). Overall great phones and worth the value, but wait a few weeks after it's been released.

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      Thanks for the detail.

      And yes, I will be looking at custom ROMs as I plan to do something Google has specifically disabled…


        Then that's a huge plus mate! But the Mi 10 Pro is not aimed for us and it doesn't have the Band 28 so don't buy it at release. They usually release variants of it which are much improved and has Band 28 for their europe versions.

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          I usually wait and get the aussie release because of this.

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          Band 28 is only if you're using Optus. Otherwise, it's a non issue. If the Mi9 is anything to go off, the 10 will be worthwhile. Does anyone know if they've bought in any IP67 or waterproof protection?

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