Where Can I Tryout Wireless Earbuds before Buying

Hey there,

I am interested to buy earbuds but I am not sure about the fittings of them in my ear. Reading the online reviews can help with sound quality only. So just want to know some suggestions that where can I tryout earbuds before buying?
I am thinking to buy one of the following:

Apple AirPods Pro
Mobvoi ticpods 2 pro
Huawei FreeBuds 3

Edit: Currently I have Soundpeats q32 which are not fitting in my ears no matter what I do.

Thanks for your time.


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    Apple AirPods Pro can be tried in-store and returned within 2 weeks if you're unhappy with them.


      Thank you for the suggestion. :)
      Do I need to buy them first in order to try them out or can just walk in store and try it just like the mobile phones?

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        Just walk in and mention you're interested in trying the AirPods Pro to the army of people stood at the entrance with check-in iPads.

        They'll usually direct you to someone at the tables whom will give you a run-through. No obligation to buy at all.

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          correction: no he asked if he must buy first of there is a demo opened at the store to try.

          answer: NO. no demo for earbuds.. never. ever. seriously, gee, come on, do you really want to put some random earphone bud to your ear, could be some homeless people tried them last night… if you say change the tip, then which shop will spend $ to do that….. ? if you say bring your own tip, well im speechless….

          tip: just go to apple store BUY one, open, use it for 2 weeks less one day then return. no question asked.

          2nd tip: at apple store there are at least 3 tws. apple, bose and beats. buy them all, try all for a week, make and post a youtube review for everyone here at ozb. then return them all
          thank you in advance.

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