Recomendations for Termite Destroyers Melbourne

So I've found out that unfortunately we've got ourselves a termite problem!
Just wondering if anyone has had experience with this and can share any suggestions/companies and prices please
Located in Melbourne.




    Melbourne is a big place, where abouts?


    Need a bit more info.
    Who found them?
    Where are they?
    What have you done so far?


      Didn't there would be much information needed sorry hence the lack of it in the post.
      I found them above the manhole when I got up there, they've eaten through half a truss and is just sawdust and hallow.
      Only found it earlier so have done nothing at this point


    Did you find live ones?

    If they made it to the roof it’s probably more than you can handle on your own. Probably been in the walls and eaten studs out etc.

    Ask around your mates and see if anyone knows a good pestie.

    If not at least use one that’s a member of the association.


      They must be, I've been up there a bit and would have noticed it before. We've only been there for a couple of years and had a pre pest inspection going in.
      Thanks for your reply

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