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½ Price Red Island Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L $8 @ Coles


We make our Extra Virgin Olive Oil the only way we know how, with honest hard work. No shortcuts or fancy ingredients - just 100% natural goodness from the freshest olives grown in Aussie soil by Aussie farmers. Harvested and cold pressed, straight from our community to yours.

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    Love this Olive Oil. Such a great flavour.

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    Red Island Extra Virgin Olive oil is $20 for 3L at woolies this week, ending Wednesday, if anyone is interested. It will still be cheaper than 3 X 1L, half price bottles.


      Just as long as you're going to use it while fresh (and kept at the right temperature in the shade), otherwise it's wasted. I've switched to buying 1L bottles on special now.

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    great i ran out last night. Thanks OP


    Just interested - what "fancy ingredients" are there in extra virgin olive oil? By definition - none. God I hate marketing wank.


      Hi, I was interested too so had a look and found this info. Hope it helps.

      “For an olive oil to be labelled extra virgin, the International Olive Council (IOC) says it must meet certain chemical criteria and be free from taste defects as determined by a sensory panel trained to IOC standards. These taste defects may be due to -
      fruit damage
      poor harvesting operations
      poor storage of fruit or oil before processing or bottling
      refining (such as bleaching or deodorising)
      deterioration due to ageing
      deterioration due to poor storage of the bottled oil”


      Unless it's a tongue-in-cheek poke at the imported Italian olive oil industry which has been found to contain a huge amount of counterfeit product. I've switched to Australian exta-virgin cold-pressed now for all mine. Italy have shot themselves in the foot for credibility… that's what happens when the mafia control so much I guess.