[SA] Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Value Pack: Handle Plus 13 Refills $19.99 @ Chemist Warehouse, Adelaide Myer Centre


I was looking for a deal on Gillette razors and I think this is a damn good one: handle plus 13 blades for $20. They also had Shick Hydro Select at $5: handle, a battery and a blade, and for $15 dollars Gillette Skinguard Sensitive one handle plus 4 blades.

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    or just wait until the hair falls off by it self.

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    Lest we forget…shave off all that toxic femininity, White feather, titanic, the draft, positive discrimination quotas etc…

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    Well, I know for a fact that those super power companies ie. P&G , DuPont etc. Got their wealth through unethical means. Now they try to persuade everyone that they oh so pure…


    Went into the cw store. Was told this was the last one and not their regular stock.

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    Aldi have great razors, they are cheaper and they don't presume me to be rapist because I'm a white male