[XB1, PC] Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer SPARCO P310 $999.00 (RRP $1299.00) Delivered @ Pagnian Advanced Simulation


This bundle is currently available at JB Hi-Fi for $1399.00 so they may be able to price match the above deal if you want to give it a go.

This is the top of the line Thrustmaster steering wheel and pedals so for those serious sim racers out there in the OZB community :)

The first milestone of the collaboration between Thrustmaster and Sparco

Thrustmaster presents the TS-XW Racer Sparco P310 Competition Mod racing wheel: the first milestone of the collaboration between Thrustmaster and Sparco. It is the result of a combination of our advanced technologies such as a powerful 40-watt brushless servomotor, Motor Cooling Embedded system and Turbo Power power supply. It is officially licensed for Xbox One® and Windows®.

  1. Official racing simulator for Xbox One® and Windows®
    1:1 scale replica of the Sparco P310 Competition wheel (12.4”/31.5 cm in diameter).

  2. Brushless Force Feedback system
    40-watt brushless servomotor with Motor Cooling Embedded system (patent pending). The motor is able to support intensive use during long hours of e-racing competition without any decrease in performance.
    Dual belt-pulley system + metal ball-bearing axle. Up to 1080° adjustable rotation angle.

  3. Large, solid and adjustable pedal set
    100% metal pedals and internal structure

+ Conical Rubber Brake Mod included
+ 3 fully adjustable pedals
(spacing, inclination and height).

  1. Turbo Power power supply
    Toroidal shape with finless design: 86% efficiency (vs. 65% efficiency for standard finned power supplies).

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    Does it work with ps4

  • +2 votes

    $954.51 delivered with PLUSTECH


    Pretty good entry/mid level for the price.

    • +4 votes

      Yep next step up is an actual race car.

      • +3 votes

        Next step up is Fanatec CSL or Clubsport wheel base and pedals.

        Then you start getting into direct drive wheel bases, $1500 or so if you DIY or $2000 plus just for the wheel base from Fanatec.

        I think a cockpit is more important than anything else though, even with a very cheap wheel like G920.


          Which stand would you recommend? I have the next level racing stand with the G920 and I’m happy with it but I know there are way more expensive stands out there


          @diji1 are you on iracing?


          direct drive requires a proper stand yea? no more clipping onto my table


            @Oz8argain: Id argue that any decent wheel requires a stand (or complete cockpit). One of my mates bought a next level wheel stand to go with his g29 and is already wanting to replace it with a proper cockpit as the computer chair (even with locking casters) moves too much when he brakes. Go to something with a load cell brake, and that will make the problem so much worse when u consider the amount of force needed to activate the brake. With regards to direct drive wheel, you wont be able to get away with a cheap stand because of the amount of torque those things have (up to triple the torque of even a good belt driven wheel like the Fanatec Clubsports). Cockpit is probably one of the most important considerations with a decent sim racing setup.

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