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[SA] Free 6 Original Glazed Doughnuts on Your Birthday @ Krispy Kreme SA (Excludes OTR Stores)


This long running deal has been running for a while but never posted for Krispy Kreme SA so thought I'd put it up for those unaware. Similar to the NSW, VIC, QLD, WA deal but with an extra 2 donuts. You must register through the Krispy Kreme SA website linked, as it's a separate company and offer.

Last I saw, you had 17 days to redeem it (10 days before your birthday and 7 days after), assuming you've registered in advance.

You'll need to bring ID and you can't redeem this at OTR Krispy Kreme stores, only stores listed here.

Edit: You'll receive an email prior to your birthday with a barcode, which they'll scan in store.

Also added this to the Birthday Wiki. Sign Up to the CIBO app if you haven't already, to receive a free first coffee after registering and every year on your birthday.

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    So you get an email about the offer or just assumed after signup the deal is good?


      You'll get an email before your birthday (should be 10 days prior), it contains a barcode which they'll scan in store to redeem the offer. You'll need that email.

      Simply show this voucher to us on your phone or print it out, along with 1 form of personal ID.

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    Hint: when you have the email, try to go to a factory when the red light is on. I did this last month and got handed 7 delicious warm and fluffy donuts for free.

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    Woo just received my voucher 🍩

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