Using QFF Points - Qantas Not So Helpful

So i currently have 650,000~ Qantas points, I had a route planned which is rather simple but ultimately not the best value for money..
Melbourne > Rome > Dubai > Melbourne, Its simple as the rest i could do with Trains..

Points wise it will cost me pretty much my entire points stash, Same flight on emirates is about $4500~ due to Qantas/Emirates code share and due to selling of points now being heavily frowned upon ive got take the loss it seems.

The problem i face is every time i try and checkout to use the Points the Qantas site just errors out, ive tried different computers, different browsers on both and yet i cant get thru to actually purchasing.

Spoke with Qantas FB Support and they said you must use QFF Points online, although i cant even use mine? Is there any other way to do this process?


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    They have a vested interest in not exchanging the points for services or goods.

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    Before Facebook we used phones

    Give it a crack as I reckon it worth a shot

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      Now, people use Facebook on a phone, but won't call. So messed up.

      OP here is the QFF phone number, give them a call.
      13 11 31*
      option 2, Frequent Flyer service centre

      • It's not messed up when somebody can instantly reply to you in the same way the phone call does…
        It's the same person at times in most call centres answering phones or doing webchat.

        • I meant in general, not specifically your situation.

          I know people that have to deal with companies through online chats or Facebook, etc, because they don't like too or just can't deal with actual people, either on the phone or in person. Social skills don't extend past social media.

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          PS that phone number always has a 2+ hour wait. Best thing to do is call at 7am and you will get a callback service. After about 9am they don't offer the call back anymore and you will wait on hold 2+ hours.

    • Have you ever tried calling Qantas. It takes about 2-3 hours to get through, and many times when the customer service doesn't know how to deal with your query, they just hang up, and you have to go through the wait again. I have had experience in waiting over 12 hours before getting through to someone.

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    Think you’re doing something wrong. We’re going mel-dubai-lisbon in emirates business in 2 weeks for 128,000points (qff) each, then coming back using asia miles points. Make sure you use classic rewards/points only, dont use points plus pay.

    Or go RTW qff business redemption for 280,000 points.

    • When I looked at RTW via OneWorld the website didn't accept my planned route.
      Ill take a look at classic rewards too and see if anything is better although last time I checked it wanted me to Detour and extend the flight time by 12hours.. possibly I was doing it wrong

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        Emirates is not part of OneWorld, which I suspect would be why you had issues with your 'RTW' search in trying to connect to Dubai. But you can redeem Qantas points for Emirate, just the 'multi city' aspect of your itinerary is triggering an issue with the Qantas search engine (could be availability, routing, a bug, etc)

        Also, if you were eyeing a product with several flights for optimal value, it's technically not a RTW ticket that you would be wanting as the RTW ticket via the OneWorld website is a different product with different rules and certain to confuse the call centre staff. You would want a "OWA classic flight award" and then build it through the Qantas website using the multi-city tool (NOT the round the world option). But again, Emirates can't be part of this.

        Up to 15 segments, with 5 main stops, distance cap too (you'd be well under), plus some other rules to navigate. Of course, these are limits, you could do less, but the points 'cap out' at a threshold which is why people then keep adding flights to maximise their value. Low(er) if not poor value to use it internally around Europe, but I guess still an option if you reallyyyy wanted to use that for your stops and don't really care about it all. But you'd face limited availability for business seats and still pay business fare even if one segment is in this class and the rest of the ticket is economy/PE.

        Also, business redemption for that ticket is now 318k points, not 280k points.

        I'm on one of these tickets now, for the year, so any questions, ask away - just put it together recently. It's a rather complicated process and the Qantas website is full of glitches that ultimately mean, you often have to get the call centre to book it. So, you can redeem points outside of the website, you just tell them you're having errors booking online and they (are meant to) waive the points fee. Even if you just want to do your existing itinerary, same deal. Sometimes it can be done just via the website if it's a simple itinerary. Calling them is another ordeal all together. Prepare for multiple calls with untrained staff (in this product at least), each call being on hold a couple hours potentially.

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    I would advise to get a professional to help
    You seem to be wasting a lot of points.

    • Thanks, ill contact them in the morning!

  • Definitely seek more information. We went around the world in business (18 flights all up - 5 stopovers) for 280k and $1100 each. Try the Australian Frequent Flyer Forum.

    • Yeah, I have no interest in taking that many flights.. I only need to get back and forth out of certain European locations.
      I need to spend time in Europe.

      • You don't need to. You obviously don't understand what options you have available so you can either waste a tonne of points or you could become more informed.

  • As a few have already mentioned you could OneWorld award which is flying up to 35,000 miles, up to 5 stops, 16 flights. In Business class it is a bit over 300,000 points (I can't remember the new rate, previously it was 280,000) - caveat is you must fly 3 oneworld airlines in it and Emirates is not.

    What I would do? book three separate flights ; Australia-Europe with Emirates, then Europe to Dubai (seems you want to stop there right) then Dubai to Australia. It will set you back around 350,000 in business class pp.

  • I flew First with Emirates for 380k QFF points. I found when booking not to be too choosy with dates. Went Syd-Munich-Syd and trained everywhere. Also was on my own and harder to book with 2 or more people. This was my 'bucket list' flight and I certainly didn't have the $27.5K to pay cash. (After all this is Ozbargain!)

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    Dont waste your points like this, you have enough points to do 2 Round the World trips in business class. Use the Award Flight Assist service offered by Australian Frequent Flyer solutions . This service costs a few hundred dollars and they find all the flights for you and send you the itinerary then you just copy the itinerary into the Qantas website. This saved me hours and hours of work and headaches trying to find the flights and allowable partners etc. Its a great service and well worth every cent. You get the best value and use of your points.

  • Slightly off topic - I am trying to change my RTW flight, but the contact center refuses to change the flight because they say it is 12 months from when the ticket is issued rather than 12 months from when the first journey - I can't seem to find terms and conditions. Can anyone help?

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