Hungry Bin - Any Users Have Feedback or Tips on Where to Get It Cheaper ?

As title suggests , am interested in a Hungry Bin (compost bin) and just wondering if anyone uses one and can provide feedback?
Also , any tips for where to located in Melbourne if helps



    Depends on how much you grow, compost, etc. In theory all green and brown material from the garden and food scraps can be composted.

    We have two on the run at different stages of compost.

    Your council might have discounts to encourage composting.

    Also check vs Aldi special buy prices, etc.

    Might also be able to find on Gumtree or council cleanup if you don't mind second hand.


    i've got worms. i just use old bath tubs with a lid on top and shade cloth above. easily survives the heat of summer and the cold of summer because of the large volume.


    Have a chat to your council. We bought a worm farm through Yarra council and it was cheaper, we had to buy our own worms. We got one that looks like a wheelie Bin. It is easy to put food scraps in and easy to move.


    hungry bin is by far the best worm bin on the market
    easy to use and collect castings…..cant go wrong with hungry bin
    like others suggested some of the councils provide discounts


      Yup, looking at it mine is a Hungry bin as well. You put the scraps at the top and take the castings from the bottom. You don’t have to stuff around luring the worms to higher baskets and taking out the bottom ones. Also, with my old worm farm, the lid warped. We got ours at a good price from Yarra Council.