Seiko Diver Skx013 Bracelets Option

Hi all Ozbargainers,

Do you guys know where in Perth / trustworthy website I can find a decent quality metal bracelet for my seiko skx013? (preferably stock jubilee or oyster style) I ordered one for $20 and quality is very bad, also I wouldn't want to spend over $100 for just the bracelet as I bought the watch used for just over $200. :)

Cheers guy. Have a good one.


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    This is the go-to generally accepted 'best' option for the SKX013. Strapcode/Miltat. Beautiful quality and looks supreme. Can vouch as I have one for 007.

    They've also got other versions.

    I understand it's above your price range but just putting it out there that you've effectively thrown out $20 so taking another gamble could be risky and a waste of more money. Remember Shopback 12% for watch accessories on Amazon.


      You generally get what you paid for, got it. Thanks for the advice. I'm sure Strapcode wouldn't disappoint as I saw a lot of good praises about them. Cheers for that.

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        Yeah - Strapcode is my goto as well.. totally understand the dilemma with SKX bracelet & price.. hence i settled with NATO haha


          I'm rocking mine skx with nato too. lol