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Lifetime 50% off Australian Web & VPS Hosting, from $27.50 for a Year @ Obble


Obble are again offering OzBargain visitors 50% off both Website and VPS hosting - This lasts for lifetime of your plan, all renewals!

Australian VPS Hosting at $5/GB/month for lifetime here

Australian Web Hosting from $2.5/month for lifetime here

  • Fast Australian Servers (Sydney)
  • Free SSL certificates on all VPS & Web Hosting
  • cPanel Web Hosting
  • 50% off Dedicated IP also
  • Generous storage space for web hosting and VPS
  • One-Click installs for almost all popular CMS
  • No additional charge for Windows VPS

Obble Hosting has been offering multiple deals on OzBargain over the past year, always providing significant savings on Australian based website hosting. We always aim to provide the absolute best customer service to every one of our customers. As seen by the comments on previous OzBargain deals, and of course online reviews.

Disappointed? Money back guarantee in first 7 days, no conditions.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments or directly via our website.

Valid for lifetime of your subscription, Valid for new customers only, Expires 20th March 2020

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  • +1 vote

    Been with obble for 5 months with a basic website. No issues at all. Great support the one time I need it due to my error.


    Is the storage SSD on the VPS ?


      Hi Droodle.

      Just regular storage HDD at this stage for our VPS plans.

      In the future we may introduce SSD VPS also.


  • +1 vote

    Highly recommended, very good support. We saved atleast a grand a year compared to godaddy.


    Where's the terms and conditions for acceptable use for "Unlimited Bandwidth"? Also what sort of "DDoS Protection" do you have, as it's listed under VPS Inclusions?


      Hi Scotty.

      Unlimited use bandwidth has no limit for any customer using their website as intended, the regular customer would never see any limitations here. If a customer was running a file server for example with major uploads/downloads then we'd investigate further into if it's a breach of our guidelines.

      We haven't had any issues with abuse of our unlimited policies. A similar policy applies to storage, where again acceptable use of storage is if it's being used as intended. Someone storing 1TB of movies for personal usage, would be breaching acceptable use.

      As for VPS protection. Our servers are run via OVH in Sydney, their built in DDoS protection involves full mitigation on all servers. We've not had any downtime or interruptions due to DDoS attacks at all. If our customers did have any issues, then we always work towards a solution that suits all parties - At this stage it hasn't been needed to increase the DDoS protection.

      Thanks! :)


    Regarding web hosting, what programming language is supported (e.g. .NET, PHP, wordpress, etc…)?



      We support most. Especially PHP, Wordpress, .NET, Node.js, Python.

      Anything you're after specifically?



    thanks for the reply, I was after .NET with Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) Database (if available)?
    Also, which plan has the .NET? (I was thinking the Intermediate plan).


      Hi again.

      Apologies I had a misunderstanding above. We support PHP, Wordpress, Node.js, Python, Ruby as well as many other common software solutions/CMS.

      As for MSSQL we cannot support it directly via the Web Hosting plans. Our VPS would allow you to do this but the minimum price for that would be $10/month for a 2GB RAM VPS using this offer.

      Apologies for the mess around & misunderstanding.


    no worries. thanks for the details.


    Hello again, I am interested in the Intermediate web hosting plan, just a few more questions:
    1. are there any limits on the inbound and outbound traffic?
    2. 5 MySQL databases provided as part of the plan, are there any limitations such as storage size? if there is the limit shared across the 5 DB)?

    Also, do you currently have any deals on domain names?




      No limits on traffic at all.

      No limitations on database storage size, but it is collectively included as part of the overall storage of your plan (e.g. 100GB max for Intermediate, including database size, emails and file storage all combined).

      We don't have any advertised deals on Domain Names, if you send a ticket via the website for a particular extension (e.g. .com.au, .com, etc.) then perhaps I could organize a small discount - This depends on the extension.



    Hi, does the discount remain if you change between plans? or from monthly to annual?


      Hi Ocean.

      Yes that's totally fine & It should remain automatically. If the discount doesn't apply automatically if you change plans then we're happy to fix it up via a support ticket.

      Thanks :)


    Hi, I have little hosting knowledge and run a really basic blog on Wordpress with TMD hosting and my annual renewal for hosting and domain renewal is coming up very soon. If I was to make the switch to Obble and take up this offer would your support team help to transfer the hosting across and the domain renewal?

    • +1 vote

      Hi there.

      Yeah no worries, if you purchase on the Annual plan (So minimum $27.50 for starter) then happy to transfer your site included free of charge.

      As for domain, we can also do that and it is much easier to do so (You can select this when making an order, you'll just need a domain password).



        Awesome, I'll look at making the switch and do the order tonight to take up this deal. Again sorry for my lack of knowledge in this area but would I have received the domain password when I set it up or is it something that I have to request from TMD hosting?

        • +1 vote

          Sounds good!

          You can usually find it when going to the domain management panel with your provider. Sometimes you may need to contact your provider directly, or in other times you must 'unlock' the domain first. It varies from business to business - If unsure, contact TMD Hosting.

          Thanks :)

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