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Hanayama Cast Metal Level 1 & 2 Puzzles - $8.90 & $9.88 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon AU


Well, it's been a while been between Hanayama puzzle deals and the ensuing mental gymnastics, but the good folk at Amazon AU have finally come to the party for a long overdue hanayamarama!

For the uninitiated, these high quality cast metal puzzles straight from Japan to you, are guaranteed to get you exercising the grey matter, from the Beiber-friendly beginner puzzles at Level 1 all the way through to the Dr Karl-defying Level 6 master series. They usually retail for around the $20 mark and whilst the two on offer this time are "just" Level 1 and Level 2, they're bound to create an interesting coffee table challenge for your next Mormon visit. The Hook is in truth not the best of the range, with a few people complaining that it can be forced, but the Horseshoe is a cracker and well worth the money.

L1 Hook @ $8.94 www.amazon.com.au//dp/B002VPH9D8
L2 Horse @ $9.88 www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0011DDPVG

Edit And for anyone looking to introduce a younger puzzler to the range, the Disney co-branded Mickey & Minnie Mouse Level 2 Keys is also available for $12.05. It's been steadily toppling down from it's usual $20 sale price since Christmas and is a great maze-based puzzle that requires a series of maneuvers to solve and get kids into brainteasers.

L2 Disney Keys @ $12.05 www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01LZGUWHO

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