Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

This is killing me, I've been looking for 3 months but keep missing the deals. Cheapest I've seen is $399, then I saw the Valentine's Day special for 470 or whatever it was but I flinched and missed it and now it's $550 again and my girlfriends birthday is in 3 days.

Any tips or know how to get this thing cheaper?

Thanks in advance.


  • It’s not cheaper, but I think the airwrap is worth the extra money over the hairdryer. The airwrap comes with a hairdryer attachment, but also has other brush/curling/styling attachments too. It’s difficult if your gf b’day in 3 days, but can sometimes get an airwrap for $640 on special

    • Just ordered the air wrap last friday (valentines sale I guess - was really late in the night and was expiring in a few minutes as I noticed the sale price), was on 15% discount on Sephora and further 7% from Shopback brought it down to $631

  • Just buy her one. Paid full price for my wife and she loves it & I know everyday when she uses it she remembers where it came from. Big brownie points

    • Paid full price

      Get ready for the downvotes

      • yeah but wht I got back at home was worth way more ;-) and I bought when they were still reasonably new on the mkt so werent being discount

  • Chances are pretty slim right now, given you only have 3 days and all the sales have pretty much finished. Maybe your best bet is to buy it from someone who will give you some sort of price guarantee and refund the difference. That'll give you some extra time to find a better price.

  • Bought the misus this one 3 years ago.
    Full price.
    No regrets.

  • Dyson are like Rolex: premium pricing and stingy discounts. Have you looked at alternatives? Bought wife a Parlux as her hairdresser uses one and she reckoned it's the go-to brand in the salons. Best pricing, https://www.trilabshop.com/. Subscribe (bootom of page) and you get 5% discount. https://www.parluxus.com/compare-parlux-models, ignore the voltage bit as it's the US site. In Dec2017 got the Advance for Euros85.42 delivered incl delivery and 5% discount.

  • not the cheapest way, but i just got it on the qantas store using my ff points :)

  • Myer have the 1st gen on clearance for $350, or $380 for some golden case gift pack ones.

    Dubbo and Parramatta had stock.

  • Ended up getting a 1st gen for 360 after the Dyson loyality 20% off. Misso will be home wrapt